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Thread: A bigger "table"? (PC)

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    Default A bigger "table"? (PC)

    PC version. It seems that the current size of the gaming space is just a bit too small - when playing with all four divisions and using the "row upon row" view - the bottom row is partially covered by the cards in your hand, making it impossible to see their HP and power, unless you double-tap them. It would be nice to be able to move the camera just a liitle bit lower.

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    Hi Semag,

    It would be really hard to fit all 4 lanes in one screen and not make each card a bit too small, even on larger screens such as desktops.

    Are you using the WASD keys to scroll around and still not having enough room? If that's the case please let me know what screen resolution you are using?


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    Yeah, i'm using WASD, and the resolution is 1366x768. Also, what i'm talking about is not making cards smaller to fit all the lines in a screen, but to allow the screen to be scrolled down a bit further, so that the last row is located above the "hand", not under it.

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    I was having a hard time replicating the issue, until I realized the distance between lanes is larger when we play with Grafting or Psychogenics expansions!

    Anyway, fixed this for next patch!

    Thanks for your help!

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