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    I want to buy some Wrath of Kings miniatures since in Portugal there is no store to my knowledge with them.
    What I really wanted was the Kickstarter with the five factions but I can content myself with the Goritsi & Nasier...
    So, my question is anyone is willing to trade or sell?

    For now I have to trade is B-Sieged & Darkness Fury Expansion.

    And some Black Templars as seen on the picture, basically:
    -A metal miniature of High Marshal Helbrecht that costs $20.75
    - Another metal miniature that I think it's chaplain grimaldus (without retinue) (They are both primed black)
    - A Rhino
    - 20x Space Marine
    - 5x Space Marine Scouts (on spure)

    Thank you in advance,

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    I just made a post of some Nasier stuff if interested still.

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