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    Hello. New to the forum here.

    A couple of days ago my buddy gave me 3 thick plastic bags with plain white printed labels stating 'Terran' 'Zerg' and 'Protoss'. Inside each were a bunch of metal miniatures based on the original Starcraft art assets. The story he told was that while he was working on the Blizzard cinematics team in the late 90's/early 00's the company was looking to enter the table top miniatures market either themselves, or by licensing the property to a third party. The fruit of this endeavor was a handful of prototype minis for each race. He ended up with a set and they sat in the bottom of a box until he gave them to me.

    I've tried to find any info I can about these minis through google searching and some cursory searches for Starcraft minis on this site but have come up empty. I'm not sure exactly how rare they are, whether or not Blizzard commissioned these or if they were samples sent to Blizzard by a licensee during the approval process. I'm reaching out to this community to see if there is anyone with more information on their history.
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    Why not try emailing Blizzard? I bet someone there may know something, if the people working at the time haven't all gone on to bigger and better things. the tabs on the bottom don't look like they are carrying any manufacturer information... not even a production date or artist initials!

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    My friend still has contacts at Blizzard, but all he told me was what I included in my original post. He actually tried to find more info on them before he gave them to me but he came up empty handed. I posted here to try to broaden the search a bit.

    Your comment did make me think to check the underside of the bases but all it says is 'Blizzard Entertainment 00', which I take to be the year they were produced. So, now I have a date.

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    I never heard anything about it, and I've been big into miniatures, and Starcraft from way back.

    These are awesome.

    I hope you can find some info out, but I'll bet they'd be worth something to a collector!!

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    I had some Boxes with Diablo Miniatures a while back. So it was not too uncommon for Blizzard to commission miniatures. If I remember correctly they were D&D Miniatures. Maybe look in that direction for more information?

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    Blizzard did have plans to release a full blown miniature game based on Starcraft. It was covered in quite a few magazines back in the day (like early 2001 or so) that went into detail about movement, combat, some strategy on some of the units. As a 12 year old addicted to the glorious Starcraft, I was practically frothing at the mouth. I was actually looking for them not too long ago and came up with an article about it. Since it was the early days of the internet, not much was really posted online about it, and finding something from back then is hard to do since a lot of hosting services went under over the years.

    That being said, here's a small article that I mentioned earlier:

    It would seem Wizards of the Coast were the ones who actually produced the miniatures for Blizzard, so you might be able to contact them for some information.

    Anywho, I know it's an old thread, but it came up in my search and figured I'd put my two cents in to help the mystery along.

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    thanks for resurrecting this thread. I didn't know they tried to make a game. I would love to have some of the miniatures.

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