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Thread: Question on timing and rerolls/Kraken multi-hero damage

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    Default Question on timing and rerolls/Kraken multi-hero damage

    We had our first play through with Rum & Bones. We were able to work our way through most rules and come to general consensus on others. Here are two rules which I could not find definitive answers on:

    1) Do rerolls allow for new tidal cards to be played as a response to an attack roll?
    Order of events:

    a) Wellsport hero attacks
    b) Wellsport hero then plays "Drunkin Ale: After a friendly hero makes an attack roll, that hero may re-roll all Miss results for this attack..."
    c) Wellsport hero chooses to re-roll all misses and subsequently score additional hits
    d) Bone Devils player then plays "Deathly Terror: After an enemy hero makes an attack roll, That Hero suffers -1 to hit for this attack."

    I'm unclear on when the "after a hero makes an attack roll" phase occurs, are there multiple phases of this when a re-roll is present?

    I understand that the current player resolves all timing conflicts. I'm unsure if this is a timing conflict however if a re-roll opens another "after attack role" phase.

    2) When the Kraken attacks a space containing only 2 heroes of the same faction. Who decides how damage is distributed among those heroes? We decided it would be the current player who would decide that but I'm unsure if that's correct.


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    I don't know of specific rules text better than you have already researched. Here's what I can add.

    1) Other Tide cards specify that they be played before an attack roll. In this case, I would say that "after" then implies the player has a chance to see the whole roll of the dice before choosing to play the card. This must be done before the next stage of the attack, when hits are assigned.

    2) Your handling seems good. In our games, we choose to have your opponent roll dice against zones containing your models, since monsters are everyone's enemy. Your opponent is then, in practice, the attacker for that zone, with the attendant responsibility of allocating the hits to your models.

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