This War of Mine Shelter diorama by Awaken Realms
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Thread: This War of Mine Shelter diorama by Awaken Realms

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    Default This War of Mine destroyer shelter huge diorama by Awaken Realms

    Hey guys,

    Today, we want to share with you very special project - HUGE diorama of This War of Mine shelter. As you may already know, we are proud to be a part of this project and we wanted give our best of sculpting and painting abilities - this Diorama is result of our efforts. We really hope you will like it and make sure to check out the Kickstarter draft page, this board game will be really important! For the updates of the project, keep an eye on the updates thread!


    What do you think about it?...? Also, if you are into boardgames, make sure to check this one out, will be really awesome.
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    Take a look at the “making of” of the Diorama on the special speed run video. It was build from scratch by 2 artists in one week:

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    I love this. I am a huge TWoM fan too and very much looking forward to the board game! I really think you've captured the overly feel of TWoM here! Great job.

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    Wow! Coincidentally just got round to playing this on the PC last week and I loved it. Love this too, as Arma says, you've really captured the feel and look of the game and the atmosphere, great colour choices. Fantastic!

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