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Thread: Salute winners List

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    Default Salute winners List

    Historical Wargames Single figure
    1st (199) Daniel Monreal – Norse Lord on Throne
    2nd (288) Ben – Special Ops Agent

    Historical Wargames unit Infantry or Cavalry
    1st (069) Stefan Johnsson – Genoese Crossbow Regiment
    2nd (092) Ruben Torregrose – Dianas + 8 Rad

    Historical Wargames unit other
    1st (091) Ruben Torregrose – Kharkov Mortar
    2nd (260) Carsten Schwejda - Panther Car with turret

    Science Fiction Single Figure
    1st (066) Stefan Johnsson – Night Haunter
    2nd (255) Ben Strain – Space Marine on Stairs

    Science Fiction Wargames unit
    1st (065) Stefan Johnsson – Chaos Ogryn with Hounds
    2nd (185) Paul Norton – Death Watch Space Marines

    Science Fiction Creature or Vehicle
    1st (153) Andy Wardle - Wrath of Calth Fellblade
    2nd (227) Stefan Johnsson – The Plaugemaster

    Fantasy Single Figure
    1st (177) Robert Carlsson – Beira Queen of Winter
    2nd (211) John Keys – Big Boss

    Fantasy Wargames unit
    1st (228) Stefan Johnsson – Stir River Patrol Regiment
    2nd (265) Headly Coppock – Behemoth Orcs

    Fantasy Creatures or Vehicles
    1st (180) Robert Carlsson – Tzeentch Lord on Disk
    2nd (074) Lee Hebblethwaite - Harley Snail

    Single figures and groups over 54mm up to 90mm. busts up to 165mm
    1st (210) John Keys - Butcher
    2nd (070) David Soper – Commodore Borgossa

    Miscellaneous Class
    1st (179) Robert Carlsson – Moloch the Giant
    2nd (263) Tim Marsh – Wizard and Demon

    Junior Class
    1st (241) Alexander Robbins – Alexis Polux
    2nd (082) Izzy Lifton - Ted

    Painting the Salute Twenty Fifteen Figure
    1st (083) Mark Lifton – Stick in the Mud
    2nd (072) Stefan Johnsson – Salute 2015

    1st (065) Stefan Johnsson – Chaos Ogryn with Hounds
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    You guys from the CMoN-crowd have no shame, you basically cleaned the place out! :P

    Hahah, no, well done! Congrats to all winners.

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