Return to the hobby after a long time....
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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Default Return to the hobby after a long time....

    Hi All,

    New to the site and returning to mini painting after over 20 years away from the hobby.

    I was probably 18 or 19 when I last painted a miniature and I turned 41 this year.

    Wow things have changed...It was all lead minis when I last painted. I'm also getting used to the amazing array of paints and resources that are now available....

    I picked up Zombicide Black Plague to play with my kids and as a means of getting back into doing some painting.

    So after starting to replenish my long dried up paint and brush collection I have started again...

    Heres my fist stab at Nelly from the game.

    Name:  COMBO.jpg
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Size:  1.25 MB

    It's a bit rough and ready but pretty pleased with it as a start.

    The base and detailing need clearly does my dodgy smartphone photography!

    Theres so much info/tutorials/videos out there now to soak up I'm sure I'll be improving slowly.

    Comments are obviously welcome!

    Good to be back in the game.
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