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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Finished the monster project I’ve been swamped with at work today and bailed out of work early managing to get this dude finished up......very happy.

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    Amazing piece! That sewer is definitely radioactive!

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    Well I luv' it everything except the green hanging thing xP a bit too much for my taste. But anyway it's an excellent piece! very inspiring ^^
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    It’s a very nicole nice!!!!

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    Very nice mate, my nitpick would be the drip drop off the blade too, I think a little translucence on the droplet would have looked great but might not be possible with the paint you're using, stellar work though

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    Thanks hindsight the drip will get reworked I think. Sometimes, some useful comments, a nights sleep and a fresh look at things is a good thing! Too long, too bright I think.

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    This piece is magestic! Great job.

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    Something else I've just thought of which might be making it look off, I think it doesn't match the motion of the rest of the mini, helooks like he's running/jumping up that stone bit or at the very least just swung that arm back because of the movement in the cloak s the droplet would be trailing behind whichever way you picture the weapon moving. Also I'm not sure if you've finished but there's a metal spikey bit on the bottom of the staff and the stitches Inthe cloak that are plain black, hate to be so lucky but I know you were planning on taking it to GD

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    Yeah I clocked that after I posted up Sicks...was in a rush to post pics I guess ...definately a round of tidying up to do still before it goes anywhere.

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    aside from the drip being a bit too bright in comparison to the rest of the mini, I love this paint job. its the possible the best skaven I have seen. really good colour palette everything works well with each other and the taxer on the cloak is really captivating. all round cracking stuff, well done
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    I won't beat a dead horse about the drip. The mini is looking outstanding though, I've certainly enjoyed following your progress with him.

    The nmm and weathering with the verdigris and rust is particularly awesome. I hope you can crack the rest of the team as well

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    WolverRat incoming....

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    Digga proposed some cigar based conversions...

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    Loving the skin tones again. His eyes are cool too. It is also nice to see the first pass of that NMM Cooper... learning through this thx for sharing
    Have a look on the claw, check if the mold line on it will be a problem or if you can hide it with half dried varnish as BAM teached all of us. (Picture is quite close-up that's why I am wondering)
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    Btw I forgot to mention in my critique before that it's really an outstanding piece of work mate, I forgot the bread in the poop sandwich my bad! Also I think you should name the new guy Snikt

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    @maenas little scrape with a scalpel will sort that, i’m terrible for lazy prep unfortunately and make my life harder by doing these things after I’ve primed. One of my many painting bad habits

    @sicks ha! That sounds like a rough worries. It’s nice to have a critical eye on things to question what i’m up to. Hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes.

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    Very impressed mate. Love the base work especially the little rats eyes and green glow
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    great start on the new one. really nice flesh tones.
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    Nice work on the new one. I never realise how good these models are until I see what talented painters can do with them.

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