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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Great now I'm looking for an unbuilt leviathan I've got here somewhere ...another idea for a project . Thanks Hair .
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    Do it! they are an awesome kit...first full FW kit for me so it's been a bit daunting picking up and getting cracking on many posing options, it will lend itself to a nice dyamic pose and base I hope.

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    lovin your progress with the painting after not painting for so long! I gotta do that myself!
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    Lovely stuff mate, like where this is going.

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    Just finding your thread now. Great work! The goblin banner is exceptionally well done and executed in a very suitable fashion. Will definitively be checking in. to see more.

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    To quote Reece from Frontline gaming...."this is absolutely BANANAS!"

    Awesome stuff.
    BLAH BLAH...blah.

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    Damn that freehand is nice...the raven and the battle damage. Very impressive.

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    the finished goblin in fantastic. fantastic painting (and modelling for that matter on the base). You have brought loads of character out of the little fella. very nice work indeed.

    you have made a great start on the dread. looking forward to see how this one progresses.

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    Thanks KB, Coyote and Joce

    Flunk,Lost and Beradical, thanks for dropping in and really appreciate the comments.

    update - worked on the central torso and right section to try to tie everything together and finish up the raven freehand. I added the wings and bird skull to the front as well to keep the theming going.

    I’m probably going to add in some freehand text at some point top right and will be making some purity seals to add at a later date

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    Rear exhausts are next on the agenda

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    Mate, this is looking ridiculously sick !!!! Your painting never ceases to amaze... oh and by the way your gobbo finished up awesome (forgot to leave a comment earlier). Your thread is like a fireworks show man, just when you think you have seen the best one, BOOM an even better one pops up!!!! Great stuff mate...

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    definitely impressed with the illusion of a full raven on the leviathan... don't think I've ever seen that before! Excellent rust effects as well!
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    Hairster when you did your raven stencil did you get much of build up of paint at the edge of the stencil or did you just lighty spray it a few times? looking awesome btw!

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    @Canny - lots of light coats and a hairdryer. You get a little bleed but nothing that can’t be tidied up with a brush after.

    Thanks CC and Lost as well, Been tinkering with some new Ammo MIG paints for the rust along with my usual Vallejo pigments...seem to be working well for the heavy crusty stuff.

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    Finished a meeting early today so manage to cram some afternoon painting in...result

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    3 more days till I’m away for two weeks working so ploughing on with this...aim is to get the main torso block complete. Just the missiles, and some tidying up to do. Need to rough out the base then so I can work out posing this thing prior to painting up the limbs.

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    Freehand is great and weathering is top notch. This is going to be a killer piece.

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    It looks superb Hairster. Really nailed the realistic weathering. Coming together well, and quick!

    Only thing I would critique is that the white of the Raven Guard emblem extends into the recesses. I would imagine any logo painted onto the armour would just be painted on the outer layer, so I’d get some black ink into the cracks. It’s just personal preference mind, it’s no criticism of your talent or the skill displayed here.

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    Thanks FW and Fox.

    Definitley see where your coming from Fox, makes complete sense...might take a little look at that on one side to see how it looks. I'd blacklined them before I sprayed the icon on....not sure why i decided to not re-apply to be honest. Thanks!

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    Another blood as medium how happy I am to see more folks pushing this style. It’s just plain realistic goodness!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Another blood as medium how happy I am to see more folks pushing this style. It’s just plain realistic goodness!!!

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