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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Congratulations (and well deserved)! Great looking awards to boot

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    Congratulations! As @ekipage said, pretty well deserved. You're a really talented artist.

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    congratulations on the win. well deserved. its a fantastic mini. really like what you did with the base as well.
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    Congratulations again Hairster, well done!

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    Thanks everyone, was a great little event.

    Pics of all the winners are now up the site - loads to see and admire there

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    Wow. The level was pretty high! Really talented people in this competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Hey! Assuming you are the same Lost I chatted with via replies on instagram the other day?

    I do indeed have a background in Art - an Art degree and I've been a working designer for events and trade shows for the past 24 yrs. I painted minis in my early teens for a few years to no particular level and then started again a few years back for relaxation.

    I've really just pushed on from there and this WIP pretty much charts every stage of my progression and every mini I've painted. Regarding resources it only really goes as far as CMON, instagram and a bit of youtube. I've never attended any painting classes/masterclasses, although I would like to find time to.

    The biggest motivator for me has been competitions, I entered GD 2017 with the Skaven BloodBowl team you can see back in this WIP on a whim and did ok. More importantly it exposed me to competition level miniatures and painters. I've since made a good group of friends through the competitions and we talk, share work regularly and try to help each other out through Messenger.

    Keep painting, that's the biggest thing - I try to paint for an hour a day, every day if i can (not always possible with work and family). Don't be afraid to mess things up, that's the way you learn and don't be afraid to try things new.

    Thanks for the kind words as well, much appreciated!
    Hey sorry for the late response.. have been off CMON for a while. Thank you for the information. I thinking taking some classes on color and painting might help me, as I don't really understand how colors and light interact. And, I definitely need to practice...haven't painted in several months again..
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    Blimey it’s been a while! Life got a bit weird For us all as well!

    Been making the most of these strange times while I can and keeping the hobby time going in lots of ways.

    First up I completed my Grot Bommer project, this was going to be for the cancelled U.K. Golden Demon

    Name:  80BF87A3-020C-401F-A786-DB291CA6AA98.jpeg
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Size:  182.2 KBName:  469E3409-C53A-4CB9-B396-B8DD7BB6BCAB.jpeg
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    also been working on some experimental coloured lighting on a Necromunda mini as practise which are as yet unfinished -

    Name:  4C787E14-4589-488A-B4B5-2F25C9E90A5C.jpeg
Views: 259
Size:  150.6 KBName:  F9AA13BF-1950-4C0E-B36B-7AACF80D74A7.jpeg
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Size:  148.5 KB

    Time at home and the cancellation of GD had also provided plenty of time to try out things that I’ve found hard to cram in normally.

    I decided to try my hand at sculpting and have been working on a Nurgle DeathGuard bust sculpted in a 50/50 mix of Fimo and SuperSculpey. It’s progressed well and has been a real learning curve to say the least, still a little to work on.

    Name:  1EAA27DB-479D-49DE-B90A-99AC8981F737.jpeg
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Size:  138.9 KBName:  FFFECB68-7F70-4323-BBAF-7434B73D03AE.jpeg
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Size:  138.6 KB

    Next up, a Space Marine Heroes DeathGuard that I’ve painted for an instagram Competition run by the amazing Dave Colwell - waiting for this to go live soon, it’s a head to head competition so we have to see how it goes!

    Name:  FB4A3244-E5B4-4E55-ABED-7EA6BC729618.jpeg
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Size:  88.8 KBName:  75C98F90-169A-436E-850C-3B0F6374369B.jpeg
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    ...big update I I said it’s been a while....finally I’m working on “the nun” bust from Urvara Studios, it’s an lovely cast and sculpt, really trying to push myself on this one. I’ll do the rounds catching up on others threads later today, whilst battling with the home schooling!

    Name:  C6858F77-4483-4559-8243-4B9F71FD49F4.jpeg
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    Maestro maestro maestro!!! You have surpassed everybody my son!!!

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    Is there anything you're not doing right in this hobby?

    I mean c'mon, all of your projects looks amazing. It's unfair!

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    Said it once, will say it again.... I LOVE the grot bomber piece! Absolutely LOVE IT!
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    Eh, pretty good, I guess.
    Seriously, man, I am not a resentful person but you are always nut punching us with what seems like effortless excellence and uninterrupted improvement. Keep it up!

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    the grot plane looks fantastic as are the others.

    One minor thing about the bust.
    The face looks a bit weird, like it's painted on the front of a pipe and the sides are left out. It's not really your problem as a LOT of busts are painted in a way (by both the fantasy painters and the traditional military modellers), that makes the faces look very flat while being highlighted/shaded enough. It would look perfect from the front, but from this angle I can't get rid of the image of a flat image painted on the cross section of a pipe.

    As for the NMM... it is absolutely great. One readability question for it though: is that strap that goes on her chest supposed to be an armor plate or some leather strap? If leather and will be painted over, than I have no question about it, if armor you might want to separate it a bit more from the armor under it as right now it blends in too well.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks everyone, really appreciate the generous comments.

    Toad you’re nut punching comment definitely made me chuckle!

    @Maxx I know what you mean, the single angle pic maybe didn’t tell the full story, I’m trying to play with some contrasting desaturated shade on the opposite side of the mini to break up the sculpt a bit.

    Name:  AEBCC0FE-72DD-4275-BAE2-17A39902FD6F.jpeg
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    Impressive! Very nice.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Love the gold, alot of good things in this thread Especially love your bomber diorama very nice and a great idea.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    The gold from those angles (and maybe extra work on them?) are much better. The plate separates much more making the model more readable.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    so many cool things going on. massive update is an understatement

    that's some impressive sculpting for a first go. shame about GD that bomber is fantastic.
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    Just recognised your Grot Bommer. Amazing work. I’m sure there will be another opportunity
    to bring this great thing to competition post COVID19.

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