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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    This forum is knackered....can’t get on it most of the time recently because of database errors...

    anyway....more progress on the ol’ Sheep rider

    Name:  DB469BF9-BDD4-49CE-9B24-FF866FCFC36B.jpeg
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    Thanks for the votes and comments on the gallery too! Much appreciated

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    Ah heck! That shirt is looking fantastic, love the pattern you painted on it! And that sheep just looks amazing.

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    So much nice details and textures, this is as always pure awesome!

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    Fantastic. The freehand on the tunic is perfect, and the level of details on the nose...
    Do you have a patreon?

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    Thanks Eki, Arkaan and Dex

    @Dex - not currently, I work full time so just dont have time to put into making and editing videos to be honest. I know a few people that run one and you've gotta be pulling serious subscribers to make it anywhere near worthwhile....Unless you are Richard Gray, Banshee or one of the other big boys, lots of people are putting hours into those for very little return.

    Ask away on here though, happy to pass on help if I can

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    ​Great work all around, but the sheep still takes it for me!

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