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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    The glow you achieved on the base is gorgeous.

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    I'm impressed how your skills allow you to transform a "simple" structure as a magnificent base!

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    Thanks everyone! This has been such a fun project to work on for me... It’s been a tough start to the year for my family and this had been a great way to escape from things when I have had chance

    Its been my intention throughout this to do my best to get away from a standard plastic flyer mount for this when based. I wanted the model to feel more dynamic and less constrained by the mount...I think I managed to achieve what I set out to do.’s a few test fit pics on the base....just a few tweaks to make now. I also tried a semi transparent approach with the beam but the acrylic dowel was just not rigid enough to take the cantilever weight of the flyer so unfortunately had to revert to a brass rod which at least gave the rigidity needed.

    Name:  28A9E653-B8AD-4B71-B4ED-A61F1298B6FB.jpeg
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    Name:  45C75E48-1B5D-4B21-B4D2-5130FC16D528.jpeg
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    this pics a bit out of focus but should give the idea at this stage.

    @mrnoname - (looks like you are a couple of years younger than me from your username so you have some catchup time!) It's my intention to put together a tutorial on the oxidization technique at some point so will keep you posted! Regarding the progress on here....just keep at it, soak up all the amazing help, comments and inspration from the great community here. I'd also recommend getting into the amazing instagram community if you can as a way of seeing as many projects, minis and tutorials as possible....and most importantly, keep painting, practise and repetition are the key!
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    No surprise here, the result is tremendous!
    I look forward for this oxidation tutorial too

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    This looks fantastic Hairster!
    When you post that tut on the oxidation technique, let me know please. I'd love to learn from it.

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    Thanks Dexter and Gorb!

    I’ve moved on to something new (old) now and have left the final tweaks on the Doomscythe until nearer GD.

    I’m back looking at another unfinished project, trying to get it over the finish line and add a little extra into the mix. Freehand Banner time!

    Step 1 - block out the shapes and flat colours

    Name:  6286782D-BD10-4161-B9C3-D671B9E47B76.jpeg
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    Step 2 - start to add texture, clarity and depth

    Name:  7CF5CBDC-C39D-4367-B63A-26A49402AD94.jpeg
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    Wow! Awesome work here man. I am deeply impressed.

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    3d painting per excellence. Looking awesome!
    And really nice work on the spaceship. Transfers the impression
    that this one already had some distances covered in outa rims.

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    That is fantastic painting on the spaceship (necron? Eldar?), congrats on that. Glad it gave you a happy distraction from real world things mate

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    Love the 3-D effect on the stone snake banner. I wondered when you’d get back to that project.

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    Thanks Graishak, Sigmar, KB, Chais Soawn and Toad! Yes it’s a long overdue return to finishing off my Carnosaur as part of my GD entries.

    Banner is almost finished and I have done the pinning and extension work needed on the standard pole as well. Little bit of tidying up, a few more details, weathering and a reheat and curl and i’ll be happy!

    Name:  65CFEA1A-5C11-4ABF-8325-A5BA5AAD12BD.jpeg
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    LOVE the banner! Looks like it was uncovered at a Mayan temple.

    Also, the flyer is just amazing from concept to finish, and the basing and mounting perfectly display it. Fantastic work.

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    Great banner, the 3D effect is excellent, if I didn't see the WIP photos I'd think that was sculpted on rather than painted.

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    ohhh, great job on that banner! What is it made from?

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    The banner is really well done hairster, your freehand is becoming a force. I enjoy watching your stuff develop.

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    Superb work Hairster! That banner is just... it looks 3d man. I love it!

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    LOL, so you're the guy that all the youtube videos warned me about! You know, the guy that you're not supposed to compare your painting to, for fear it will may you feel incompetent! j/k

    I admire the hell out of what you can do with a brush. The banner is just another shining example of what can be achieved in this hobby by someone as gifted as you. Thank you for sharing with us (even if it gives my brushes performance anxiety), and I can't wait to see what else you have in that bag of magic.

    Keep it coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    The banner is just another shining example of what can be achieved in this hobby by someone as gifted as you.
    I agree that Hairster is incredibly skilled and creates amazing art! That said, I firmly believe that all of us can achieve the same level some day. It just requires a lot of practice and complete dedication to this hobby. Off to painting then, stop wasting time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddmkr View Post
    I firmly believe that all of us can achieve the same level some day. It just requires a lot of practice and complete dedication to this hobby. Off to painting then, stop wasting time
    Couldnt agree more! Freehand is all about practise, patience, planning and being willing to make mistakes as the process develops

    Picking up a banner or model and just starting to paint is just not going to work, irrespective of your current level of ability if you go at these things with no direction it will be a car crash. I usually come up with a rough concept and then try to plan out shapes sizes and scales, sometimes on paper and sometimes on computer.

    Make your life easier - If you are using specific imagery to work from, print a copy out at the scale you will be replicating it at along with a bigger reference version. If you are trying to reproduce textures, print some imagery out that inspires you to have in front of you whilst painting. When I painted the Genestealer on my Iconward Banner I used a specific GW image so printed it out about 15mm high so I could see how the tones and colours worked at the scale I was working at. Lone Lemming did some interesting work with scaling banners from prints in his thread a while back...take a look.

    if you are unsure, sketch it out to scale and paint a practise version before starting on the model. We will all start something at some point and get the proportions wrong, mess up the positioning or layout. Presketching can help iron out these initial errors.

    For this banner I did a very rough sketch based on some of the Seraphon iconography then planned it out on PC to get scales etc right... as you can see the Snake stayed consistent but the other elements changed more fluidly as I worked on it and found alternative references.

    Name:  81A2E24D-D435-425B-85D4-95AFDA939698.jpeg
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    Use a pencil to lightly mark things out before you start if it helps, some people also like to use watercolours as a base outline as well as they can easily be rubbed away with water after.

    Keep your coats thin and linework sparse to plan the areas out.

    Name:  CA52F3F8-9BFA-400C-99CB-BEDB6850BEC9.jpeg
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    You can see how things change as I work, the planning is great to get you going but things will also naturally develop in different ways

    As always keep things super thin paint wise to minimise the density of paint. I worked on plastic sheet for this (Margerine tub lid cut out and sanded down, then primed).

    Build things up slowly

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    I kept the plastic slightly bigger than I needed it at this point to allow for adjusting my concept. As the design developed the stone scrollwork lent itself to becoming part of the shape of the banner, the plastic substrate meant I could trim this easily to shape with scissors and a scalpel adding nicks, holes and rougher edges.

    Name:  2323D7B0-269B-4816-9846-AB8BBCDC6E2D.jpeg
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    Once finished, varnished and sealed, gentle heating with a hairdryer meant that movement and shape could be added to the banner, running under a cool tap then helps hold the majority of the form added. Using thin flexible acrylic paint means no cracking or distortion.

    Hope this helps! Have a go, practise, plan but allow the ideas to develop. Make’s the only way to learn.
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