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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    That's fantastic mate, good going

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    The quality of each element in this scene, along with your intelligent composition, is leading to something very special on this one.

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    So much detail. And you've painted the Tau kit very distinctly from the Space marine, it will be awesome to see the whole thing come together.
    I am in awe.

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    A lovely shade of blue on that space marine.

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    Thanks Sigmar, Toad, Gorb and Guawol!

    I did a quick SBS of the plasma coil glow for instagram, posting here as well

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    1. Undercoat with white
    2. Block in colour using Nihilakh Oxide, leaving small radius of white in the middle of each side, feather this in with a wet brush
    3. Mix in small quantities of Turquiose with the NO and and start to work this into the corners of the coils, again feather in with a damp brush.
    4. Mix in small quantities of Dark Sea Blue into the previous mix and push in to the edges of the coils, again feather in with a damp brush.
    5. Edge highlight the coil ridges with NO mixed with a little white.
    6. Water down some pure white and carefully flood this into the bottom edge of the centre coils, this should bleed over the edges of the coils to give the impression of the light bleaching out anything else.
    7. Add small quantities of super thin colour to surrounding metal edges plus some specular highlights to give the impression of the light catching the metal surface.
    Paint and palette pics also included.

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    I'm thinking we can't be too far away from seeing that duel come together. I'm looking forward to it as the Space Marine is looking top-notch from his weapon to his armor!

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    Some really cool stuff happening in your thread Hairster !!! This diorama is going to be amazing, I really like the way you have painted that marine!!! Super cool.

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    Morning all, thanks for the kind words. Hope the SBS was useful to a few of you.

    reaching the final stages of this, few touch ups then just sorting the final pose for the Tau.

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    Looks awesome mate!!!

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    Super work on this. That is a cool dynamic scene

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    Cracking diorama Hairster! Really nice seeing this come together

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    My money is on the bad ass excellently painted marble monument on the middle- when it comes alive and bashes the two idiots to holy hell!!!

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    The quality on this piece is top-shelf as always! I dream of doing dioramas like this and you make it look easy, my friend! I can't wait to see what you tackle next

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    Thanks for all the kind words as always everyone. Had a really productive weekend after a long week at work and have finished up both of my main 40k GD projects.

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    I will I’ll probably re-enter my Leviathan as well to see if the changes I made have a positive effect.

    I have a pack of the Shadespire gobbos to play with next along with some extensive modelling/converting to do for another project

    Will find time to go through everyone’s posts very soon!

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    Both of these pieces are exceptional hairster... I mean really good work !!! I hope the do really well when you enter them. Your painting never ceases to amaze.

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    And the winner is!!!!!
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    Thanks CC and BAM....onto other modelling projects and Zarbag's Gitz now while I wait for GD to come along on Nov 24th.

    Managed that full thread catchup as well finally! yay.

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