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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Thanks good people!

    LoneLemming - yes love those marines! Not sure my brushwork is as fine as his though!

    Slow progress at my end, working and trying to refine the TMM work I’m doing on the dread superstructure.

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    Aiming for a rust free well oiled machine look on this one.

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    Yuuuuup -rust free super shiny realistic-yuuuup you got it!!!! Find nearest save point and save game. Innovation at its best matey!!!!level up even if it’s not done just level up!!!

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    Thanks BAM, it’s been fun working out the best way to get the look and feel I’m after.

    as a break from the metals I started on the Radigundus bust last night as well

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    Great start on Radigundus. Yours will be another unique and compelling version. I dig the livid, unhealthy skin tone and the rheumy eyes. He should get his kidney function checked out!

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    Well, I was going to congratulate you on the gorgeous metals and then I saw the awesome work of that face.

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    Nice start and nice to see you tackle something else than gw stuff, once you start with the busts you get addicted! Looking forward to see your talent on this fellow.

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    Well this has been fun! Nearly finished!

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    Ropes and his right ear to work on still, then a final go over.

    Also thanks Joce KB and Toad!

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    ​I’m stunned, man. I think you just took a quantum leap.

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    Incredibly vivid colors on this latest bust, Hairster! It is always inspiring to see what you're working on and I don't know how but you continually improve even when you're already creating mind-blowing work. Keep the updates coming!

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    Awesome colour work on the bust Hairster. Really is a great example of colour theory and texture painting.

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    Thanks everyone

    Final pics below, unfortunately life has taken one of its substantial turds on my breakfast the last couple of weeks - this has been a great way to relax and wind down. Tough times ahead I suspect but will keep posting and commenting when I can.

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    Last edited by Hairster; 01-23-2019 at 06:33 AM.

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    Great job on the bust. Absolutely lovely. The textures look great and I love the little NMM metal details. And of course the face looks great too. Really nice color choices and contrast. The mini really tells that you had fun painting it

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    Bloody brilliant job hairster....

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    Wow dude, that's just bloody amazing work. Huzzah!
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone...having a reasonably shitty time currently but grabbing some painting time when I can to act as a bit of therapy. Apologies for not replying to any threads recently...will try to make some time very soon.

    Started working on a necron DoomScythe kit I had because I lost a bit of motivation on the Dread.

    Had a very distinct heavily scuffed and scratched oxidised metal idea in mind for it as I didnt fancy the obligatory black and fluo vibe.

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    Base coat has then been worked on with a mix of inks oils and acrylics to work up the patina effect

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