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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mally View Post
    Nice job on a tin can mate. As for classic Demon, that’s gutting, I’m sure it’s 13-14th Maybif that’s the weekend you are snookered ?
    Hmm had it in my head it would be the last weekend of May like last may be more in the know though Mally...

    Will do do some more digging around...can’t believe they don’t have the venue booked already...although judging by the usual presentation shambles maybe that haven’t....

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    You’re right Mally....right result! Thanks and thanks to Skelettets Instagram feed.

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    Ok....back on track for Classic 40k project time

    Name:  C50D9459-7853-49D6-80A3-1298A049D766.jpeg
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    Raven Guard Leviathan...planning a bit of customisation on this and some freehand.

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    Need some paints for the Leviathon so pushing on with something else.

    Finally picked up a new compressor for the airbrush I bought last year so have been getting back up to speed. Probably 25 years since I last did any proper airbrushing - used to be all Tamiya tank kits back in those days and some pictures.

    so...made a start on the forgeworld Night Goblin standard bearer. Considering remaking the banner for this to give me more space to freehand. Primed with surface primer then blu tac masked off the face and hand and worked up the cloak from German grey through purple to magenta.

    Name:  EEEFE674-2120-4DAE-A9FF-5B75347D197F.jpeg
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    Nice tones there, careful with the blue tack I once removed my work under as well as the blue tack!

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    OMG, the colors you've used for that night goblin are the best! Super-saturated without getting garish, I love it. Gonna try to emulate that look for my few night goblins...

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    blimey the finished storm cat is gorgeous, stunning work, well done. liking the collate choice for the gobbo so far as well.

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    Squeezed in a bit more time on this last night

    Name:  EBC4CEDF-7B92-4F80-BEA6-605459FA5B5D.jpeg
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    ...going from 20mm high to screen size has certainly shown up my wonky outlines on those triangles....will take a fresh look tonight I think.
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    Loving the Sigmarine, amazing how much you have gotten out of a relatively boring model!

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    Purples are looking good.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Bit more work on smiler...

    Name:  2FE10C5F-AE7B-4FE7-BE54-172C40CF3324.jpeg
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    Still working up the robe patterns but making progress

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    Man, I have missed so much painting awesomeness over the last week or so! That Stormcast really is an inspiration and you put mine to shame! It only makes me appreciate all the TMM advice you have offered to me even more. The character/feel of that Gobba is really coming across already in your painting. It already evokes quite a bit of emotion which is all due to your ability. I can't wait to see the finished product and that 40k project you're teasing too!

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    GOOd stuff good stuff

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    Thanks Kuribo for your kind far as I am concerned I’ve sucked up a massive amount of information and knowledge from this forum since I joined..if I can now start to be of assistance to other people then that is fantastic!

    Thanks Tero and BAM as well....not had much time to do more but have worked a little on the hand and sharpening up some other details. Really trying to push the character of this little guy on this project...Quick montage pic

    Name:  A39D1793-6B85-43DA-A195-3116158EC281.jpeg
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    I’ve been customising the banner on the gobbo. Replaced the twin banners with a single one to allow for some freehand which I started tonight...airbrush basecoat followed by green and black ink work and a little white.

    Name:  0ED95CD4-35CA-4F74-976C-188F0B526B62.jpeg
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    Name:  4E718ADB-C3D7-4948-A5D3-780A727AAB42.jpeg
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    Ive been working from a piece of GW artwork...keen to keep this monochrome to contrast the bright purple robes...will probably scuff and scratch this back once done to max out the weathering.

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    Incredible freehanding, and the sculpting is top notch too!!!

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    The gobbo is looking great. You have brought so much character out of him. Really nice colours and textures in the flesh. The banner looks excellent both sculpting and painting

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