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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Quick radioactive rat update...

    Managed an hour or so on this last night after a busy Easter weekend. Started playing with some base colours and the rat skin

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    Rat skin’s awesome so far buddy. I love the purple tones

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    Nice blues in the skin tones
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    nice tones going on in there. very skaven. good stuff.
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    Thanks all, been carrying on with this tonight starting my first NMM efforts on the helmet.

    Never really had a proper stab at NMM before so any feedback would be great. Using VGC terracotta as a base and mixing in cream/off white for highlights and adding VMC smoke and dark grey in for the shade. Then orange glazes over the top...

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    Looking good mate! I bet hes quite small so the NMM is tricky for the size, I think the blade part is coming along nice, more contrast is needed in the other areas (im guessing thats next though) .

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    You're off to a good start, from what I've been seeing in my research the pieces that come down on the side of the face could use more contrast, using the blade as a reference for the light source the side plates would be darkest at the top part by the nose, fading lighter towards the cheek with an edge highlight along the join between the top flat part and the sides, you could also add a highlight like on the blade around the curved part by the ear. On the decorative piece leading to the blade I'd put the shades at an angle too, the blade makes it seem like the light is about a 45 degree angle from the front, you can sort of see the start of it between the left symbol and the middle one, keep that angle ignoring the gaps for now and take it darker towards the back. hopefully that makes sense, I don't have a way to edit the picture to demonstrate

    Of course feel free to ignore that, as you know I'm a beginner at nmm myself,just going by the stuff I've been trying to drill into my head this weekend

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    Those bases are mental good and off to a spectacular start with the rat skin!!! Can’t wait too see your take on NMM... going to be mainly brass yeah?

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    Thanks CC, Canny and Sicks.

    Sicks - thanks for your thoughts - definately needs some tweaking and I can see the logic in your description, I'll take another look this evening I think and see what additional information I can squeeze into what are very small surface areas

    CC - yeah brassy/copper armour with standard chain I'm imagining at the moment...not really thought about the cloak yet...guess whatever sets everything else off best

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    Little update, still working through the base colours on the coppers before adding verdigris and scratches.

    proving slow going as it’s still a bit of a learning curve.

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    looking nice so far. colours look good.
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    Thanks CB and Joce...erratic progress on this as I’m continuously tempted into trying the next bit...need to keep my focus and finish everything up now....couple of days away working from tomorrow then back on this to see if I think a full Unit is viable before GD.

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    ...cape weathering last night

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    Great work, bases look great and the various textures are going to make an interesting combo.

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    really good work on the cloak. the texture really adds a nice element to it.
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    Wows man, wows!
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    Nice. The texture adds a cool visual touch.

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    Nicely weathered cape there Hairster. As always, things are looking great

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    The rat skin looks ace, very slick... great work on the nmm, personally I prefer tmm but you are very talented... cap is looking too notch as well


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