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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Thanks KB CC and Kuribo.

    The Marble is challenging to keep it irregular but consistent if that makes sense. I’m on the verge of. A 10 day work away period so keen to make progress on this this week so I can start formulating the rest of the base layout.

    busy weekend as well so only a little progress to show....would say the marble is 75% done covering the statue now, will need to work on the metals then to the rear.

    Name:  976232D8-383F-44A8-9CEA-0495F1B86A5F.jpeg
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    Mix of Vallejo acrylics and AK weathering oils paints

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    Damn this is cool seeing this coming together.

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    Oh, that is a much better picture than the first one for this. Very nice marble effect you have there

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    Absolutely gorgeous! On close inspection you can tell its not actually marble, but when you first look at it, it takes the my mind a second to adjust. Great illusion work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Thanks Toad much appreciated mate.

    All finished up on this now, just ready for basing and some final pigments/weathering to the robe base.

    Attachment 68810

    I picked up some AK interactive ultra matte varnish for stuff i’ve ever used by far.
    The banner is OUTSTANDING! How is it possible to draw such fine lines on a banner?
    I'm stunned! I'm using 10/0 brushes and still think those are like a big pen if I see your freehand work.

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    Marble’s looking outstanding Hairster. Nice to see it across something as large as this statue

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    Back on this after 11 days away working. Building up the debris on the base ready for priming and painting. Will mask off the statue for this. Built up the base with milliput, sand, concrete, bits from old sprues and vallejo muddy ground texture paint so far.

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    Very cool! Great marble looking paint Job too.

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    Your a wizard !!!! You ROCK mate!!!

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    Lovely marble texture & subtle weathering.

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    I will echo what everyone else is saying in that the painting here is top-notch as always. You also have my permission to quit your job and focus solely on painting! I love to see your updates and this piece is shaping up to be spectacular

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    That marble texture is delicious!

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    Magnificent base for the duel Hairster. Marble is top notch and I like the latest Insta update

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    Thanks everyone, your support is really motivating as always!

    Base is is done now (pics are not quite at finished point) so working on posing and dynamics for the duel. The whole idea for this duel was that both participants were mid air, mid fight around a piece of scenery. The original plan was to work it round a collapsing building, but these awesome Basilicanum statues made things a lot easier and provided an even stronger focal point.

    Time to focus on finishing the Primaris now.

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    Now that’s just beutiful!!!

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    Ouch that marble texture is quite convincing ! as the rusty effect on base element too .. very cool stuff !
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    Yeah the more I look at it the more cool little bits pop out at me, like the hex pattern on the shield. Looks awesome!

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    Looks great. The statue is really impressive on its own, but doesn’t draw attention away from the figure

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Gorgeous....more, more, more
    Oh ok then.... final piece of the dual in progress

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    Thanks everyone

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