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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Instantly recognisable as birch dude and I love it. The centipede makes me very, very itchy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthmarsh View Post
    Instantly recognisable as birch dude and I love it.
    I agree. Stunningly executed.

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    Yep, that birch effect is awesome. Maybe needs a bit more black in the creases, but that seems to be the rule anyway (more contrast!).

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    Beautiful birch, love it!!!
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    Wow ok... Thanks I'll take that positive response as a yes to carrying on then.

    Much appreciated and will keep you updated.

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    That birch effect is GENIUS!!!
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    Blimey...looks like it was September when I last posted here...and subsequently picked up a brush.

    Had a busy few months so the painting got put on the back burner...then I found it increasingly hard to get myself going again (fear of not knowing where to start I think).

    ...anyway Christmas has given me a chance to get back on the bike...and I'm up and running again.

    Will get some pics up later of my last few days efforts.

    Hope everyone is well and had a great Christmas and New Year to come.

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    Was thinking just the other day about your Branchwych. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to recently.

    Have a good New Year!

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    Yep... the fear got me when I looked at that tiny will be moving on to that once I have eased myself back in.

    Spent some Xmas cash on a couple of bits at GW though to get me going.

    First up a Lord of Plagues mini - may be a bit pic heavy....

    Name:  IMG_4505.jpg
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    Slowly working through the armour and getting the flesh up to a reasonable level before I attach the weapon/helmet and bring it all together. Pleased with the progress over the last couple of days....looking forward to starting on the axe now and pulling this all together.

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    Managed to get this together now, the arm joint was pretty rubbish so have filled it with liquid green stuff....time to go back to the flesh now and build up the depth, sickly palour and pull it all together.

    Name:  IMG_4516.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0013.JPG
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    Awesome progress mate! Photos are a bit yellow in the last post but from the ones before I can tell how good the paint job is.
    i particularly like the blue-ish armour.

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    yeah good point...guess that's what happens when you do 3 mega quick iPhone pics in the middle of cooking a leg of lamb...

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    it's looking real good! nice work.

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    Looks Vile ! (In an awesomely painted way )
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    Thanks Eye....I pretty much finished this guy up last night so my mind is moving onto basing him up properly.

    Need to stock up on some supplies and a plinth to mount him up on I think.

    Can anyone suggest some good basing supply websites in the UK?

    Was looking at the above site and may well get an order in but wanted to see if there were some more 'rustic' plinth options out there of if I need to start destroying a perfectly good basic one.

    Are there any places that sell squared up gnarly bits of wood for example.


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    You can get get really cheap jigs off amazon to cut wood at set angles like, 30º, 45º, 60º & 90º. They're really cheap

    Then even if you find a really old narly bit of wood you can cut it to make a nice flat base. I don't know if anyone sells more "rustic" plinths though ?

    I need a plinth myself and I'm not keen on the shapes of the ones that MDP sell and would also like to know where people get there's from ?
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    Try Bully's Wood (@Bullyswood) on Facebook. They are based in the U.K. and hes got a bunch of interesting bits of wood as plinths.

    I haven't used them before but know of them through a Facebook group. Hope this helps.

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    looking good and dirty.!

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    I was looking for base suppliers myself, you might find some of these useful ?

    This company who are incredibly helpful and will make one off's in either
    In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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