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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Thanks Cap and Eye for the links....some nice alternatives there.

    Much appreciated.

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    Decided to start putting this together with stuff I already had, so he we's taking shape slowly.

    Building up the texture in the base slowly then I will probably start to paint the slate - thinking of painting up the standing stone as some sort of nurgle shrine with the mini in the foreground.

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    Plenty to do still but it's a start

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    That base is starting out nicely! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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    Just stumbled upon your thread...What great stuff in here!

    Abomo-rat, Klom, and that Birch tree dude are amongst my favorites, but all of it is so inspiring.

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    Cheers SV...waiting for some basing supplies, tufts laser cut plants n some other bits to turn up. Have finalised the basic shape of things though so have primed ready to get some paint on the rocks and earth ready to add the dressing

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    Wonderful Lil vignette I have all eyes on it!!!

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    Thanks BAM....little update on this....slightly dodgy pic.

    Started working up the stone with lots of really watery green, violet and blue washes, added in a blood smeared nurgle icon and scratched some runes onto the rock.

    Will probably add on some texture moss and grot creeping up from the base too.

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    Love the idea of the runes and the bloody nurgle symbol. ^^
    Feel free to come by my WIP
    Please have a peek at Maenas Cmon Gallery

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