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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Thanks, I got hold of some rust pigments and have been playing around with gluing in small patches of baking soda to a crust to the rust...also picked up some green stuff and have added a goatee to the chin of the Minotaur.

    The top section is all primed up now too ready for painting...need to look at some techniques for the fur and mane I think...

    Will post up some pics later once I have resized them.

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    How do you glue the baking soda? usually turn into a bit of a mash then, doens't it? how do you keep it nice and grainy like the rust should be?

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    I'm kinda winging it with the rust at the moment...bit of an experiment to be honest. Pics incoming...

    Name:  IMG_3538.JPG
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Size:  84.8 KBName:  IMG_3539.JPG
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    First ever experiment with green was all milliput back in the old days...anyway filled the joints and give him a cheeky goatee to mask the flat spot on his chin.

    Name:  IMG_3544.JPG
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    Primed and ready to go...

    Name:  IMG_3550.JPG
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    base coats and shadows on the flesh, some base metal blocked in and started to work up the horns

    Name:  IMG_3541.JPG
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    Rust tinkering..PVA applied in small amounts to the mini and then baking soda brushed on...then worked over with rust pigments....

    Needs more work but the basic idea is there I think and I like the extra dimension of texture it gives. Might have a little scratch and scrape at it with a scalpel to break it up a bit yet...

    Finally, my 8 and 10 year old kids both started some ancient heroquest plastic minis I had lurking today...first ever time painting. Think they did ok for a first hit!

    Name:  IMG_3552.JPG
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    Did a little more work on the horns and metal last night...needs some more blending in places but making good progress I think.

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Your kids look to have a good eye for neat paint placement. Congrats on the family involvement.

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    That's a pretty cool looking minotaur. There's a lot of character in those old GW sculpts that I think is often missing in their new stuff. Sort of the like original Star Wars trilogy versus the prequels.

    The rust looks really great on the...I guess that's a metal studded diaper? Well, whatever it is, the rust looks spot-on.
    I paint fantasy miniatures and post the pictures here.

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    The metals are looking really nice and the horns too, I think you should call him mr fancy pants

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    Thanks Sicks and warrior...the Odd nappy/diaper on this mini has always puzzled me...

    anyway...had some time today to work on mr fancy pants pelt and face....

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    ...and some rusty axe action

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Work still to be done on the shaft but happy with the weathering working up on this

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    A little more work on the skin tone today, also worked up some highlights on the pelt and I'm starting to finalise the whip n axe

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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Getting close one on this one I think

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    The old gits finally back in one piece after 20 years.....

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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Time to think bases now...

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    Very cool job my matey!!!

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    Looking very cool a little tip for doing gems and such (like the green ones on his belt) you can shade them in the opposite way to how you would normally shade things, by which I mean darker towards the light source and lighter towards the bottom then when it's finished add a tiny white dot or line on the top part as a light reflection and go over it with a gloss varnish, you see the effect lots on gw eldar models for example. The reason being that the light actually travels through the gem and tends to light up the bottom side more, here's a link I found on Google with a handy illustration a few posts down (I'm not suggesting you redo them by the way, just that it might be handy in the future), I'm looking forward to seeing him on a base

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    Thanks for the comments BAM and Sicks....and nice gem tips....I might just give that a cheeky repaint...

    A splash of gloss varnish was on the cards too...just need to pick some up. Still working with very limited palette of colours and resources at the moment!

    Any base ideas gratefully recieved...need to get my head around it. I have an old white metal moulded flagstone base that I may use as a starting point...not sure though.

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    When it comes to basing I usually try to think about what impression I get from the mini first, for example I get the impression that the Minotaur is guarding something and has maybe seen an intruder, perhaps the entrance to somewhere or a treasure chest, something like that, following from there I think about colours, he has alot of flesh on show which is warm reds/pinks/peach colours so something colder coloured to contrast, grass is ideal because of red + green being opposites on the colour wheel so the first obvious choice for me is building up a door to place behind him and having it set outside in a grassy area with maybe a pathway leading to it, thinking more with what you have with the flagstone base it could work, you could add a mossy stone effect to it as though he was in an ancient dungeon, or perhaps the flagstones could be used as the pathway in the first idea

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    nice logical thinking've given me a few ideas...

    Will see where it takes me...


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    Sicks ideas got me thinking and sketching in my lunch break....

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Thinking about Fancy Pants lurking at the top of the stairs guarding the contents of the room behind the slightly ajar doors....might give me chance to get busy with the green stuff too...maybe a couple of torches on the wall to try some OSL...lets see where this takes me.

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