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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Wood work looks really nice, very milti-dimensional. Looks really sun bleached too! Love these updates!

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    Sun-bleached, spot on! I was looking for a good description.
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    Nice looking wood you've got there!

    Might it be worth giving some of the planks a slightly different colour, to make it look like they've been haphazardly assembled from different trees? Or maybe a little bit of green discolouring for damp and rot? Just a couple of thoughts!

    Loving this project though

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    There plenty of green on there already fox....think the lighting in the phot somehow neutralised it though.

    Baking in the sun on vacation currently lay so hope to get some more updates up when I'm back in the UK

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    Looking on with great unmatched attention. Love what I see .each component is exactly what I would have done!!! Excellent work on the wood,bannersail,hell everything!!!

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    Back after a bit of a break from holiday and general laziness....

    Decided to put the Snotling wagon on ice temporarily while I work on an idea I've had for a while that I may end up entering into the 40k mini demon in November if time allows.

    I've wanted to try my hand at sculpting for a while and this seemed the ideal opportunity. The general theme is for some sort of unpleasant Nurgle biomech high priestess nurgling birthing machine.

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    Original sketch, basic armature and foil base, afternoons experimenting with SuperSculpey.

    Having great fun so far, and it's heading the way I want it to more importantly. Need to start acquiring the GW kit bits I need now.

    Good to be back, will aim to catch up on some threads soon
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    A little more progress adding details and smoothing out with baby oil. GW bits on order now as well

    Name:  IMG_5821.JPG
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    Hah!Ggreat stuff!
    Large Blood Angels Terminator
    FW Space Marine
    Blood Angel Army Project
    -"Alien fart bubbles. It's all one needs in life to find direction and motivation."- Digganob

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    Ewwww, grody to the max man! That is some great work mate.
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    Thanks Digga and Meph...loving every minute of this project

    More detailing on the skin, adding in relief, cabling, maggots and general disease. Also started to figure out how the GW kit bits are going to work. waiting on bloat drone parts and the main body and head options now to get the main torso in place.

    Name:  IMG_5838.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_5839.JPG
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    Why are you creating the thing from my worst nightmare? Looks awesome and disturbing!

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    I loves it we want more From the master modeller

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    wow such a skill! great work already!
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    I am both disgusted and impressed. Very, very nurgle!

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    Fumbling my way through this to be honest, but really appreciate your comments and positive encouragement!

    Waiting on GW bits still unfortunately that I've been aquiring through ebay, bitzbox and other sources.

    Have made some progress on the main body though using more plague drone, death guard and other parts.

    I made some wings as well from metal armatures/polymer clay as well but decided to drop the wing element as it was getting too busy up to. Will revisit them later when I have the main torso together I imagine and see what works best.

    Will hold back from taking any pics though until thing are a little more complete.

    Still on this though!

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    More bits arrived today, still waiting on the legs to arrive though so I can get the super sculpey bit finalised and baked...that will give me more scope to start working on the main torso. I've started dry fitting some other bits and I'm working out what other supplies I need to get hold of.

    The death guard bits on this will be cut and carved to work with other elements to finalise the torso, you can start to see where I'm going with this though.

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    High praise indeed from you Mr Factory! Thanks

    some rough photo updates...integrating the leg joints and various other biomech bits. These came from a second hand GW soul grinder kit from eBay. Will be using the legs off this as well.

    Next step is to strip these back again and tidy everything up for the bake. I've also been working on the head and biomech top section more but thes bits are very much WIP still.

    Name:  IMG_5848.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_5847.JPG
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    Not great pics again but....

    Body is now baked and tacked together to see how things are looking.

    Name:  IMG_5859.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_5860.JPG
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    Lots to do! Has a bit of a Doom biomech thing going on.
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    Wow that's awesome! Really nice work! That's going to be awesome when your done with it.

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