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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Mino is looking great and that base is going to be awesome.
    I started painting again about a year ago after 8 years break... not quite as long as yours but I suspect I wasn't as good when I stopped as you were :-P
    Looking forward to seeing your progress!
    Miniature painting takes a little brush and a lot of patience.
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    Started to block together the structure for my base...steps need sorting and then it's time to do a load of filling and get some texture and detail onto it.

    Winging it as I go...

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    Flagstones now all modelled beginning on replacement columns carved from cast plaster...
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    Will be be digging the airbrush out to base this I think
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    Looking cool, Hairster. I like how you offset the steps from one another.

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    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

    Columns pretty much done now...have to rethink how they hit the floor...I may build up a rock face of sorts right at the base..

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    Oh and big congrats to all the ridiculously talented winners at GD today.....insane stuff

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    This is progressing nicely. The plaster columns and the individual flag stones are really nice additions.

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    Still working on this but someone's front door definitely needs a new coat of paint....

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    More weathering and rusty goodness to add

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    Another quick update...still working on the doors, adding a lock to the visible door edge and have further worked up the weathering/rust on them (shown stood in place on these to see how they sit...will need some tweaking to make the fit properly I think)

    Also started looking at building up the sides, tried some fimo sculpted rocks but these looked a bit poo to be after rummaging in the garden I'm trying some real stones built up to form the rough cliff face at the base of the columns..

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    Annoyingly my ancient airbrush appears to be knackered, compressor working well though. So I am going to need to renew it before I can give this all a toned base coat. Plenty of build to do still best keep developing things.
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    Your works is your work on this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! What treat to watch.

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    That's looking really good Hairster. Seems like your long break hasn't touched your scenery skills.
    Miniature painting takes a little brush and a lot of patience.
    My fledgeling WIP
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    Nice, this is really looking awesome. That minotaur needs a good home after waiting 20 years. I esp. like the look of the door after you painted it, did you just use washes on the wooden parts? I think the added rust definitely helps the hinges.

    How's the scale? Looks like it may have turned out a bit large for 28mm just comparing to the paints in the background. Should work okay with the mino though as he's monster sized.

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    Thanks Yeti and BAM...really enjoying getting back into this which is the main thing.

    @khavor....scale wise i've been pretty free with it to be honest but kinda based the step size on the minotaur...guessing pretty much anything could have lived here though before 'ol fancy pants turned up.

    For the door I painted a thin coat of a leather brown, skeleton bone and pale grey mix onto the balsa to give it a dried out base tone then have just been working up the tones with strong tone shader inks, vallejo green ink for mould staining and watered down vallejo flesh tone ink.

    Metals have just been a basic silver base tone with dark brown washes layered/added repeatedly, dabbed on to add to the texture, again the vallejo flesh tone shader which is quite rich rusty colour...then I applied a small amount of pva glue, bicarb and dabbed vallejo rust weathering powder on. Then tiny amounts of quite vivid orange to highlight.

    As I said before...I'm very much making it up as I go along but the results seem ok, so it's keeping me entertained and fulfilling the creative urges I'd been lacking. My day to day design job is pretty much all 3D and technical drawing based and doesn't quite scratch the urge to makes stuff.

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    More garden scavenging and a solid glue gun session later....

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    Ive been following silently for a few days, not much to say other than excellent work so far, it's coming along nicely, the rocks are working well, I'm looking forward to seeing more

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    You genius of a lad!!! Ask anyone when I paint my display models for comp....I always end up giving them scars blood dirt rust you name it and it almost always is to deter the eye away from when I see the rocks covering up the base of the columns I say PAINT/MODEL ON GENIUS!!! MODEL ON

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