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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Very nice, this has taken on a lovely organic look. Everything looks natural and in place.
    I am going to repeat what is being side about the ooze from the pipe, I would do some, even a thin trickle or some drips hanging off. It would help to make sense of where the ooze has come from and not just randomly appear, if you see what I mean.
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    Thanks Mally, I'll most likely re-assess the drippage once I've got the main figure posed and spotted in place and go over the final adjustments. It's a snug fit once she is clambering all over it.

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    Couple of nights painting left on this I think...have spent the last couple really focussing on building up the layers of markings and texture on the skin

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    Brilliant !!! Can’t say any more or any less... just brilliant !!!

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    Thanks everyone....had a day off today so managed to get this pretty much finished up. It was an absolute git to mount on the base and glue all the legs in place.

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    Absolutely fantastic job hairster !!! That is one awesome looking mini !!! Best of luck at GD mate

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    awesome work, finished thing looks great. loads of great textures all over it. nicely done. good luck for the comp

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    Well, that is a thing of...

    Outstanding work Hairster, and a great project to follow. I don’t have the time to check on many threads at the moment, but I always check on yours. The composition is great, and you clearly had a great vision in mind from even the first sketch.

    Sounds weird, but I’m in love with the way you’ve painted the rocks too. Brilliant work all round.
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    Great work, love the plague filled bottles and the overall disgustingness of the model.

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    Thanks everyone...she’s on the shelf now until the 26th.

    Meanwhile I decided to paint a single mini for a change of pace. Want to get this done quickly but also wanted to challenge myself to add in some freehand elements.

    its this dude but I’m going for a more ornate ceremonial style armour
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    Well it’s off to a cracking start !!! Nice clean lines on the freehand work...

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    After that monstrous piece you deserve a small break lol.
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    Very crafty ,clever and downright awesome on this huge undertaking. I'm sure it will be well relieved on the 256 th .

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    Thanks BAM, it’s been a labour of love (ewww) so just hope it grabs people’s attention. Guess it suffers the risk of being too full on for GW but I was determined to stick to my original concept.

    more scion update now...

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    Really enjoying bashing this one out with satisfying results so far....complex camo on the trousers next...well that’s the plan so far...
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    Wow, dude. Such amazing work. That nurgle monstrosity is something else.
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    Great job. I will look forward to seeing her on 26th
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    Thanks Meph and Mally, not managed a trip to Warhammer World yet so looking forward to it.

    Had and absolute stinker of a night painting last night...even basic brushstrokes seemed next to impossible. I managed to completely screw up the previously painted camo trousers i’d done.

    so I restarted them today deciding to completely simplify them and make them more in keeping with the ceremonial armour thing

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    That looks great, this pants with golden stripes match the armour much better than camo pants would

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