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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    wow, you are really good. You inspired me to return to this hobby

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    Managed a good stint on the Scion today (day off)

    Main bulk of the coat is done now, there’s a hand and dagger to paint and attach then it’s tweaking the coat blends to get them smoother and a few touch ups.

    Also cast a concrete base for this today using a 3quid tub of ready mix concrete and a toilet roll.

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    COOL! You have some lovely freehand going on this menacing mini.

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    Thanks KB and LL he’s certainly has a roided up eye thing going on...

    Pretty much finished him up now with the exception of dusting his coat and shoes up more when some pale grey concretey pigment is delivered...really happy with this as a week long project.

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    I love the detail and overall mood of that mini, very atmospheric!

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    Nice job all round, I especially like that base !!!

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    Great work, I like the base/dio plays a out a little story.

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    I couldn't put my finger who this mini reminded me of until now. Bernard Fox or Colonel Crittenden of Hogan's Heroes fame.

    Name:  IMG_1019.JPG
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    Great work, the base complements nicely

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    Thanks all, appreciate the comments very much. Still waiting on some pale grey pigment to be delivered so I can transfer some of that crumbling concrete to the feet and coat edge.

    @KB yep theres definately a wing commander/circus strongman vibe going on with that tash. Bit more of a more Charles Bronson going on for me though I think (notorious UK career criminal as portrayed by Tom Hardy in film)

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    next project then now I guess...

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    Another job well done.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Nice work hairster, looks awesome !!!

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    You are supremely talented! That base is just awesome and ties the mini together so well. The lighting and freehand is inspirational as well. I can't wait to see what you tackle next!

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    Thanks everyone, as mentioned in another thread I got a couple of finalist pins for these at GD.

    I've placed them up in the gallery for voting as well -

    Thanks....need a new project now....

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    Hey congrats hairster... what category did you enter the blight queen in??? I would love to see the minis that beat it cause your piece is brilliant!!! Well you’ve gotta be proud of that anyways mate...

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