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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Love love love it!
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    Few more updates....slowly working my way through the various component and have started to work on the plinth.

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    Slowly going insane from all the scratchwork as well....

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    well worth the insanity, its looking great. really good weathering on the hazard stripes.

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    This is going to be one awesome looking mini when it’s finished!!!

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    Hazard stripes are superbly straight, and the yellow has an excellent level of depth to it.

    That base must weight a tonne.

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    Sensational work Hairster! This is going to be incredible piece when it is finished. Please don't go insane until the project is completed!

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    More bits and scratching!

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    Progressed thw plinth more more as well, tidying up the dried out concrete and started staining it with pigments, inks and washes

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    Also so decided I wasn’t convinced by the feathers I had painted on the shoulders so decided to try to model some as an alternative

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    In in the oven now....crossing my fingers...:

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    Ambitious with the sculpting there Hairster! Looks really good.
    That breezeblock of a base is nice as well.

    I remember you saying you were after the bird skulls from the GW skulls box. Do you still need some, I’ve got a load spare?

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    looking great the block is great. impressive feathers!

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    Great work. The plinth is very good. What is the concrete texture made from ?

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    Forum has lost its mind...... see below
    Last edited by Hairster; 03-07-2018 at 03:36 AM.

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    That’s reply went missing....

    anyway....It’s concrete CB. Dry mix tub for patching up out nice and weighty.

    Fox - thanks for the offer, I’ve actually only use 1 so far. If I need more I’ll shout. Thanks

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    Well that explans why it looks like some of the most realistic concrete I have seen! Lol

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    No point in reinventing the wheel if you don't need to KB!

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    That's some awesome work Hairster!
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    Thanks Moetle.

    I binned off the supersculpey feathers as they pretty much shattered when I removed them from the former.....just too brittle when used that thin and small.

    so mk2 in green stuff....look a bit leafy in their natural green state but will be good once blackened, tinted and highlighted.

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    Default! Looks great, the green doesn't help with the leafy look but on a plus note you've accidentally learned how to sculpt leaves too! Should look awesome painted up

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    I thought the painted feathers looked awesome, now this is just superb. There going to look great when painted. You never cease to amaze.

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    Wow amazing talent! What a comeback from being away from the hobby for so long! Color me impressed!! Especially with that base! Looks like concrete that has been weathered for ages!
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