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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    umnelievable work hair - unbelievable work indeed !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    That’s reply went missing....

    anyway....It’s concrete CB. Dry mix tub for patching up out nice and weighty
    ah real concrete , obvious when you think about it very good idea.

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    I’m slightly concerned it will be a GD shelf breaker once the rubble is in place!

    more progress CMONers and thanks for the lovely comments!

    Really pulling together now...sticking to my no decals rule on this one with a bit more freehand on the leg. Arm need the powers hose adding but I need to heat it up and adjust it to fit.

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    I refuse to believe that raven guard symbol is freehand. Really looking forward to seeing this come together.

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    I cant wait to see everything assembled!

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    This is great, the weathering is very good. My only suggestion would be to make the scratches a bit more chaotic as they look pretty structured and patterned (if that makes sense). But this is a very minor quibble. Outstanding work on this. It should look so wicked once it is all assembled.
    pax et bonum

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    That is killa mate love all the details and I gotta ask have you popped it together yet for a looksy I bet its looking great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guawol View Post
    I cant wait to see everything assembled!

    what he said.

    awesome stuff

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    Thanks again everyone!

    @Canny as much as I can...I’ve needed to test fit it on the base but it’s generally in too many bits still.

    @frzntoz I’ll definately do a sweep over the whole thing once it’s together to make sure i’m happy with the overall weathering. I Matt coated the bits on the most recent link and it knocked back some of the lighter scratching which made things more irregular, so will probably reapply them.

    Had a few days of the model to get up to speed on the base. Smashed up the concrete slab I cast with wire in to give the reinforced effect and broke it to shape to fit my needs

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    Also started to work in some details and extra touches

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    Wow the Base looks amazing on it's own already. Can't wait for the finished result. Absolutely stunning.

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    Stop cheating us Hairster... tell us where you hide the miniaturizing gun for the rest of us to use!!
    This concrete base looks sooooooooo good... it seems that you had left it outside for a couple of years and took it again to your table to finish it off. Really love it ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    those a little details are a great touch. this going to look brilliant.

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    Well done young squire

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    Basing idea stolen. Need to find an opportunity to use it now!

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    Your bases are always so good Hairster! I wish I was good enough to steal them like Fox can Other than that, I can only chant, "Build it! Build it! Build it!" in response to those awesome looking pieces you have been working on. This is top-notch work!

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    That base is just so awesome. Phenomenal.
    pax et bonum

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    THAT is an awesome base you made here! I look forward to see the final result. Your work is really inspirationnal, thanks for sharing.

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    Really good to think i’m motivating someone! I find it hard enough to motivate myself sometimes!

    Getting to the gluing stage now... Working in some OSL around the front torso vents.

    Name:  94B15ABA-6E5B-4660-9864-C1741F5443FD.jpeg
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    The aim is to try and make him look a bit more dynamically posed than these models sometimes look...taking a slightly different approach with his right power claw and arming him with something a bit more route one.

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