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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    This is excellent work as always, Hairster! You do such a great job at weathering whether it is metal or cloth. The NMM looks fantastic thus far to my untrained eyes as well. I'm excited to see how this project develops!

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    Thanks everyone, back home after a flying work trip to France over the weekend. Keen to get back at this and the other rodents!

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    Working through the NMM on this still...the shoulder pad got reworked loads of times until I was happy.

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    Getting there slowly....

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    The nmm is looking great, some really nice blending and with the added corrosion it has taken away that cartoony look you sometimes get with nmm... great work man.

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    its looking really good. the corrosion is nice touch
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    Coming along great! There is definitely going to be a good contrast between the model and the base.

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    I like the skin... and I'm going to reference this when I get around to doing mine (or the skaven for my underworld team). The NMM is starting to look really good
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    Thanks everyone - the bronze/copper colour pallette took a bit of tweaking as I went along but seems to work pretty well.

    special update for Digga now I have painted both sides of the mini as I know he found my random approach to painting so amusing...I know it’s a weird way of doing thing, but when I pick up the mini to start painting I often just paint the bits that I fancy logic or workflow really. Hence why there is still unpainted skin and unfinished areas of NMM and cape. Hey it works for me!

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    Will get round to soaking up king up and commenting on other people’s stuff soon

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    Seems that you adjusted it perfectly, now it looks pretty much like real cooper. I like the somewhere in between orange, pink and yellow that you got, I've failed miserably every time I tried it with TMM. ^^'
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    Thanks Maenas

    Using the following colours if it is of use to anyone -

    Base colour
    VGC Terracotta

    VGC Terracotta mixed with VMC Iraqi Sand and VMC Ivory up to neat Neat Ivory for the final highlight.

    VGC Terracotta mixed with black ink

    Glazes (to give orange tinge)
    VGC Skin wash Ink (this is up there as one of my favourite paints if you can have such a versatile)
    VMC Amaranth Red mixed with small amount of VGC terracotta

    VGC Escorpina green and VMC Light Turquise 50/50mix with loads of glaze medium

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    Thanks for sharing your recipe. That copper is luscious.

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    Is your work flow amusing, absolutely, does it work for you HELL yeah, is there anything wrong with it...not a dam thing. It blows my mind more than anything. I love your paint style period .
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    ." -Me-

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    Thanks KB and Digga.

    Crazy busy at work currently and finding myself too tired to paint some nights....had a good day today though.

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    thats looking really cool nice. the texture on the cape is really working well. and you have some great tones in the flesh.very cool looking skaven.
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    Oh wow he's awesome. Gorgeous work on the base and the rat is really nicely done.

    Top work buddy.

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    Excellent my young stalwart lad!!!

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    Well I might as well forget about an aos squad entry for GD lol awesome stuff

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