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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    So very cool - this just awesome. The whole band painted like this will look amazing.
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    Awesome job man, looking really good!!!

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    That glow man, looks so good.
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    Thanks again good people of CMON.

    last bit of NMM for this one now...hoped to get the arm and halberd finished and attached today but didn’t make it. Did however manage to get two of the other rats assembled primed and a base coat of flesh on them.

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    @Sicks are you heading for GD this May? I’m hoping to have these done by then....may be pushing it though unless I start to put some serious hours in...

    @BAM not so young and definately not a lad these days unfortunately!

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    It looks great!
    Must try that Cooper recipe for sure... although is not only the recipe that makes the NMM credible ^^' Thanks a lot for sharing.
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    I'm aiming for next year, it's pretty costly getting a bus or train up there plus I'm so slow at painting lol, I'm hoping to have multiple entries too so I'm giving myself plenty of time

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    That is one cool looking model you have there haha. Well done on the nmm, and the green ooze is great

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    really good work, the copper looks really believable. very cool stuff.
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    I'm really enjoying watching this project come together. Looking forward to more rats!

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    I admire your versatility in painting metals Hairster. It doesn't matter whether it is TMM or NMM. You excel at both! Like others have said, I look forward to seeing more progress in the near future.

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    Working long hours to hit a work deadline this Friday so have only managed a couple of hours the last few days...

    Arm is on though and just finalising the Halberd...more winging it with NMM. Simple black/dark grey/off white blends with turquoise ink glazed in the mid ground. Then some lovely orange rust as contrast

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    Had grand plans for this and one other being done by this weekend......ah well

    Will catch up on threads once the pressure is off at work

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    Well it’s safe to say you have nailed this whole NMM business, it’s all looking magnificent mate!

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    I love how these rats are turning out, especially the bases, great glowing effects. I actually got the box of these guys in the mail today, so I'll be starting them soon. May copy some of your ideas. lol

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    Looks great mate, makes me thing I'm overthinking my nmm approach haha

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    Thank CC!

    FW - I've been stalking other painters all over feel free!

    Sicks - I redid these bits about 15 times till I found the best placement/blend and then the tonal glazes pulled things together...its a bit messy in places but generally happy with it - tend to think if it holds up ok zoomed in on the pics its good enough to the naked eye. Working on the bottom side currently.

    Need to decide if I've got time to do a good enough job on the rest pre GD now....or if I focus on sharpening everything up on this one as a single mini entry....would mean my gobbo with the banner would have to go in the open category...or if I hold it back for AOS GD reschedule, whenever that may be...

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    The blade is looking sharp...I may have just cut myself looking at it.

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    Fantastic work hair. I’m calling it now I think this year is your best chance of winning . Go get and tell em large Marge sent ya.

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    Wow, that NMM is seriously rocking!

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