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Thread: Return to the hobby after a long time....

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    Masterful. Just masterful.
    pax et bonum

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    Too kind guys. Just winging it as usual. Much appreciated though.

    @bDerricks - sound advice, thanks. I may relook at these anyway as the riders legs cast shadow over most of this area. Will take a fresh look once I have the rider complete and decide the best route. Very much appreciate the input though.

    The main throne is done bar any tweaks though so I’ve been working on the horns that attach to the back of it today.

    Name:  FEEE4D8C-33EB-4B87-821C-61B8D1C22F30.jpeg
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    Basic SBS for the horns -

    1. Airbrush basecoat of GW ushabti bone
    2. Overspray at base with Vallejo sepia ink to create basic gradient
    3. Edge highlight top point of the horn cylinder all the way around to create striping to top section. You want the brush side to just skin the apex of the curve at this point.
    4. Glaze in Army Painter strong tone to the bottom section of the horn to add depth to the tone. Do this multiple times to build up richness.
    5. Glaze in Army Painter soft tone to the mid section to smooth out the blend
    6. Glaze over Vallejo skin wash in ice the base and mid section to add warmer tone.
    7. Add scratches with GW ushabti bone/white mix
    8. Re glaze with the AP tones at base to knock back.
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    Well they are just some good bones. Thanks for the SBS, favourited!

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    Stellar boneing!!! :0 lol minds out of gutter

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    Sweet! This is really turning into quite the epic adventure. I think I might give the bone scratches a try next time. Looks just outstanding.
    pax et bonum

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    Thanks for including the quick how-to on the bones; I'm definitely going to steal that

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    really good looking horns there. One problem though is I don't understand step 6 (what does Ice have to do with it?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    really good looking horns there. One problem though is I don't understand step 6 (what does Ice have to do with it?)
    It’s a typo that it now won’t let me edit annoyingly...

    6. Glaze in Vallejo skin wash ink to the base and mid areas to add a warmer tone.

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    So many nice stuff here ! Dino is just looking awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    It’s a typo that it now won’t let me edit annoyingly...

    6. Glaze in Vallejo skin wash ink to the base and mid areas to add a warmer tone.
    Got it, that clears it up quite a bit thanks. Kind of figured it was a typo but couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was

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    Good painting mate
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Awesome little tutorial on horns, they look great... so now I have bumpered up army painter inks a bit higher on my to get list!!! Been wanting to try them out for a while.. do you use many AP paints? If so what do you think of them? There’s a couple of colours I’ve been thinking about getting.

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    In general I’m not a huge fan CC. I had a starter set from when I first got back painting but they generally just sit there on my paint rack....the consistency and pigmentation doesn’t seem to be as good as Vallejo etc.

    That said....the Strong tone and Soft tones are absolute staples when it come to certain jobs though

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    Awesome, that’s all I needed to hear but I think that ink set will still be a must get!!!

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    that NMM is quality. looks really nice against that green to.
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    You my friend have tried and succeeded at every technique and honestly I see no weakness!!!

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    Thanks everyone and to Maenas and the other anonymous person who threw me some rep points for the SBS. Thanks!

    Heres the assembled throne....I’m going to tweak the sides once the Old Blood is in place with a bit of colour reflection I think. Lots of areas I could labour over for hours to smooth out but that will have to wait unfortunately.

    Name:  65A5EDD0-0268-4D1F-927A-987704CA40FC.jpeg
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    Link to turnaround video here on Instagram as well

    Final Carno bits to finish up now and the Old blood which I have given a base coat and highlight with my airbrush ready for painting.

    not sure I will make the AOS GD with this but you never know.

    Promise to do the rounds and comment on everyone else’s great work soon...been watching just not had chance to sit and make replies
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    Really beautiful work. Cannot say more.
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