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    Default Any ideas for forest moon of Endor trees?

    I am making a diorama of an AT-ST on the forest moon of Endor. Does anybody have any ideas on what I could use for the miniature redwood trees? The trees would be somewhere between a half inch and three-quarter's of an inch in diameter. I have thought about making them from scratch but I was hoping there was a good natural replacement I could use.
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    Use the real thing but at the correct scale... Bonsai sequoia!

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    I may try the woodland scenics they have 6-9" scale that may work well. But the vertical bark markings won't be exact. I could try to modify them.

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    I would sculpt the trunks from milliput then add the branches separate.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Wire wrapped trees, covered with a layer of milliput would work, I think.

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