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    Default US Based. H: Tau. W: Warmachine, paypal

    I have a LARGE lot of Tau I'm looking to get rid of. I have slightly lost interest in 40K.

    1x XV8 Commander, primed white
    10x XV8 Crisis Suits, 2 primed white NOS, 5 Primed white, 3 painted
    3x Broadsides, Painted, Missile options included
    1x Hammerhead, painted
    1x Skyray, painted except Turret
    1x Devilfish, primed white
    2x Stormsurges, 1 Painted, 1 NIB
    30x Breachers, 20 painted, 10 Bare plastic
    49x Firewarriors with Rifles, 20 painted, 20 NIB, 9 NOS (older models)
    30x Pathfinders, 20 painted with recon drones, 10 75% assembled bare plastic
    2x Ghostkeels, 1 80% assembled and 45% painted, 1 NOS primed white
    15x Stealthsuits, all newer models, 12 primed white, 3 are in a bits box, might be missing 1 left arm
    Roughly 30 Drones, mostly bare and unassembled
    1x Cadre Fireblade, 90% assembled, bare plastic

    1 Hardback Tau Empire codex

    1 Limited Edition Ghostkeel Codex. In excellent shape, no creases or bends. All tokens and cards are in tact and in excellent shape. #937 or 957 out of 1500.

    1 Black canvas Army Transport bag with foam, some plucked to fit this army.

    1 Blue canvas Game Plus transport bag with foam to fit the majority of the painted models.

    1 set of Tau Empire data cards.

    I will NOT be splitting this lot up at this time. I would like to part with it in one go so that I don't have odd units sitting around.

    Retail for everything is roughly $2200. Make me an offer if you would like to buy (please, no lowballs, I will sell cheap, but not so cheap that I take a gigantic loss).

    As for trades, I am looking to get multiple armies for Warmahordes. I will be learning and teaching with my local gaming group, so multiple armies is a must. My desired armies, in order of want:


    Paypal is always king.

    I would prefer to sell this as a lot, I will not be splitting up at this time. I will sell internationally, BUT.....the buyer must pay shipping.
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    Have menoth and khador around 1000 retail for menoth(mostly primed some painted from eBay deals) and 500 for khador(mostly new in box or primed) pm if you are still interested

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