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    Hi there,

    require help as not too sure how this works.

    So a friendly model touching another frienndly model can assist that model and provide extra dice.

    So was wondering which model is activating?

    Say i am attacking with 1 model so that model is activating but then how then i use the other model to assist?

    Do i first this round declare this model as assisting then next round i use the other model to attack?


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    Both the assisting model and the attacking model need to be activating as part of a combined activation. The assisting model would be performing an assist as its action and the attacking model would be performing an attack with a melee attack as its action.

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    On a related note, if an Ashman Swordsman is assisting another swordsman, does the engaged swordsman keep duelist? Does the assisting model count as an engagement?

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    No, see the last sentence of duelist.

    Don't understand the second question.

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    Ah yes. (Note to self read the actual card).

    Second point is, is the assisting model counted as being engaged, with regard to movement in the next round, do they need to disengage?

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    Only if they are in base contact with an enemy.

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    Hi EvilDave,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Also would like to know is that for Melee i am allow to disperse the dice among enemy in contact?

    I have melee that rolls 2 dice and i am in base contact with 2 enemies. So before i roll i can divide the dice to 1 each ? Or i am only allowed to choose 1 target?

    Thanks again.

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    Seethe first sentence of Melee Attacks.

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