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    I myself am looking forward to your duo.

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    Sweet start on the diorama work...interesting to see your plans for it.

    Muscley sinew looking good so far as are those lovely clean lines on the talon.

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    I agree with Hairster...that muscle representation is fantastic! I can't wait to see what the leg goes to!

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    Thanks, guys!

    Of course I meant two legs, but my daughter stood by me and wanted to start playing with Sims4...

    Ok, some photo about the chicken spine and back, there are hell a lot of vertebrae over there:

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    Wow, just wow! That saddle looks like wood, how the heck did you get such straight lines? Great job on the rest of it as well!

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    Sorry not posting here sooner, but now I am trying to work on my backlog:

    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Wow, just wow! That saddle looks like wood, how the heck did you get such straight lines? Great job on the rest of it as well!
    Here are some examples from the toenail:

    1. On VMC 70.822 Ger. Cam. Black Brown background I draw lines with 1:1 mix of VMC 70.918 Ivory:VMC 70.981 Orange Brown
    2-3. Lengthened the lines, later, with more practice, it can be done in one go

    Name:  lines-1.jpg
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    4-5. Alternating with Ger. Cam. Black Brown and the Ivory:OrangeBrown mix I started to fix the mistakes and even the lines. Tried to shade the and of the lines with clean Orange Brown.

    Name:  lines-4.jpg
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    6. Cheating!: As I could not converge the lines nicely, I airbrushed the and of the nail to Orange Brawn and then Ger. Cam. Black Brown

    Name:  lines-6.jpg
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    On the chicken horn I tried to paint thinner lines, but could not paint thin and making nice transitions at the same time:

    Name:  DSC_0095.jpg
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    I had to revert to thicker lines (supporting rods are 1mm thick):

    Name:  DSC_0124.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    Beautiful horrifying work!
    Is some of it airbrushed?
    Only the pink areas, the others meaty parts were mainly wetbrushed.

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    Thanks for the details of how you achieved that. Still, I am good for maybe one or two straight lines right now so will leave that for skill development.

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