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    Maybe an old cloth coloured background rather than blue/black?

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    Scratch that you wouldn't see the motif!

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    I actually liked it at the 3rd stage as it was a bit more muted, except for the blue. If you could give it a dusty coating (maybe with a weathering powder but removing most of it to just subdue it a little)?
    Or maybe repaint the tile and make the blue a pale yellow, orange or red as it will still allow the figure and the image to stand out
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    Thanks guys the ideas!

    I finally added some scratches to the base, filled out with Emerald, misted it with some black:

    Name:  DSC_2443.jpg
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    And started working on a GSC Magus:

    Name:  DSC_2435.jpg
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    Questions: Are they used to have pupils? What kind of? And anybody knows when will be the new GSC codex out?

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    I was very frustrated painting this GSC Magus, that's why I did not post anything.

    First, I cut down his thumb and could not find the sprue piece. Had to sacrifice the left arm of one of the familiars. Meh.

    Then I totally failed to paint a logo on the back of the cloak, somehow I could not arrange the cog properly, after some time gave it up:

    Name:  IMG_20180925_223734.jpg
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    Then I struggled a lot with the PK-PRO fluo pigments, it was PITA to mix them (purple and white) and create nice transition. They have totally different colors wet and dry.

    About this is the result, a bit still glossy:

    Name:  DSC_1524.JPG
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    ​Frustrating, maybe, but the results are very nice. I like your crafty placement of all those beautiful colors.

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    I think it looks pretty darn good. Also really like the Dark Angel and the base you did.

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    The Magus is looking really good. Colours are in harmony and are transitioning from one to the other smoothly.

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    extremely vivid colours, have you tried doing those Borderlands video game type colours, i thinkyoud be a dab hand

    cassar [demigod] |ˈdemēˌgäd|
    noun ( fem. demigoddess |ˈdemēˌgädis| )
    a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Thank guys, I am really glad that you like it!

    One hand this was an experiment with the color theory, I tried to use a triad, with purple-violet, emerald-turquoise and gold-orange-brown.
    Other hand I tried to improve my color mixing skills, took me a while to appropriately cross mix e.g light emerald, light turquoise, dark emerald and dark turquoise.
    These two, I think, were success.
    Third hand was freehand, but you already know.
    And I found a very good yellow, see below.

    Some technical info:
    - General shade color was 1:1 mix of VMC 70960 Violet and VMC 70950 Black
    - General highlight color was Schmincke primacryl titanium white 101, mostly mixed up to 1:1 ratio
    - Cloak was painted with the colors VMC 70836 Emerald, VMC 70808 Blue Green and VMC 70966 Turquoise. I used 5 shades of each, about 1:1 mix with shade, 3:1 mix, pure color, 1:4 and 1:1 mix with highlight. And a lot of stippling. I mean hours and hours and hours.
    - For gold I tried Schmincke primacryl deep vanadium yellow. I bought the most expensive yellow, maybe it is good, and luckily it was. Much better than anything in the Vallejo/Citadel range. highlighted as above, shaded with VMC Violet
    - For silver and staff I used my old and trusty VMC 70870 VMC Sea Grey, and this was highlighted up to white. For the staff I tried to imitate the approach the reflection on Sprocket's Farseer.
    - Leather colors are some VMC 70843 Cork Brown, VMC 70818 Red Leather and VMC 70872 Chocolate Brown, but these were highlighted/scratched with VMC 70815 Basic Skintone instead.
    - Back pipes are VMC 70981 Orange Browns. I was thinking to go for NMM copper, but was not in the mood, I think orange still looks fine.
    - I tried to push the skintone into the purple range, so it was built around VMC 70803 Brown Rose and VMC 70835 Salmon Rose, highlighted with VMC 70815 Basic Skintone, spotted with Violet on the back of the head, and washed some Emerald and Turquoise to make it more alien.
    - For plastic frame and packpack used VMC 70991 Dark Sea Grey (did not shade it more), VMA 71008 Pale Blue, highlighted 1:1 with white.
    - Gems and vials were built around VMC 70960 Violet, VMC 70958 Pink and White. I added some violet and up to 1:1 mix of violet:white fluo pigment, and applied them with glazing medium. TBH I think the white fluo is not usable and noticable, plain titanium white can be added as well, no noticable differences. And the fluo mix is violet when wet, but white when dry. Drove me crazy.
    - Stole and left hand was build around VMC 70810 Royal Purple, both of them highlighted with Basic Skintone. Carapace left darker and was highlighted with white instead.

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    Now some new project, Gabriel Blackburn:

    Da concept is:

    Name:  DSC_2433.jpg
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    In some midnight scene, lit by light from the right.
    I used some tips from Raffa's excellent article.

    To achieve this I plan to use the following color scheme:
    On the night side I paint the colors in mixes
    - VMC 70.898 Dark Sea Blue
    - 1:1 mix of Dark Sea Blue : <color>
    - 1:1:2 mix of Dark Sea Blue : VMA 71.008 Pale Blue : <color>
    - 1:1 mix Pale Blue : <color>
    - Pale Blue

    On the bright side:
    - VMC Dark Sea Blue
    - 1:1 mix of Dark Sea Blue : <color>
    - Pure <color>
    - 1:1:2 mix of VMC 70.956 Clear Orange : VMC 70.845 Sunny Skintone : <color>
    - 1:1 mix of Clear Orange : Sunny Skintone
    - Seemed to me that some dots of 2:1 mix of Clear Orange : Sunny Skintone gave "fiery" effect to the highlight.

    Some tests on the ab pack:

    Name:  DSC_1535.JPG
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    Awesome job on the magus... really great choice of colours and the OSL you have done is a thing of beauty.. a really nice looking mini

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    Can just repeat chaotic. Love the clean style

    Really looking foward to your new project. Sounds very interesting.

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    Thanks CC, CyAniDe!

    OSL and lighting is something I am still familiarizing myself.

    Ab pack was done with VMC 70873 US Field Drab.

    Started painting the pants with VMC 70857 Golden Olive:

    Name:  DSC_1548.JPG
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    Superb so far mate. Really like the texture applied to the ammo pouches.

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    that is some really nice work so far on the magazine pouches and pant leg

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    Thanks, foxtail, ekipage!

    I still do not know whether there are some ammo in that pouch, because the guy has a f*king minigun and a pistol, but hey, I never was a soldier.

    Some more work was done on the pants, belt is based on VMC 70921 English Uniform:

    Name:  DSC_1553.jpg
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Size:  147.3 KB Name:  DSC_1552.jpg
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    Nice.... really nice!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    I still do not know whether there are some ammo in that pouch, because the guy has a f*king minigun and a pistol, but hey, I never was a soldier.
    If he is a real soldier, those pouches have maybe a magazine or two and the rest is snack food

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