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    Thanks, KruleBear!

    So here is the agent, body armor completed.

    Abdomen has been highlighted further.
    Face is 1:1 VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone and VMC 70.845 Sunny Skintone.
    Cloth was too bland, I plan to highlight the Emerald with 1:1 mix of Golden Yellow and Ivory, used currently only on the head band.
    Furthermore I introduced a new color, VMC 70.808 Blue Green. I used it in pure form on the back, and mixed 1:1 with Ivory on the hair and the gun holster.

    Still thinking though on cloth ornament color...

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    Looks much better that #493...

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    This is looking very nice! Love the shading you have going on the shin armor. Real depth.

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    Thanks gorb!

    Made some progress on the cloth, too, but seems that it is not sculpted in the same quality as the body armor

    Cloth has been updated with VMC Emerald, highlighted with some 1:1 mix of Golden Yellow:Ivory. Bit glossy, But I will use satin varnish anyway.
    Ornament is 1:1 mix of Ivory:Blue Green, shaded to Violet. Front highlight, some edge highlight and cleanup will still be needed, but if you any of you have any better suggestion for the color, please tell me. This was the best I could find with the colors I used so far.

    Name:  IMG_20190206_104117.jpg
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    Loving the colours you've used, especially the yellows and shading. Nice

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    sorry, no better suggestion.
    To be honest I think the yellow-turqoise (blue-green)-purple is a bit unbalanced and not the best. At the same time I have absolutely no idea where to balance it.
    Normally it'd need a bit of red/orangered, but with the exception of the OSL on the back (which is already done, so I wouldn't touch it) I don't know where to put it.

    The ornament looks great, so I would not touch it either. Maybe pushing the shadows of the cloth's green towards red/red-brown... also not sure if it would really work.

    Or maybe just give some on the base. Like a sign/panel/crate.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks, sigmar3, MAXXxxx!

    Quote Originally Posted by MAXXxxx View Post
    Normally it'd need a bit of red/orangered, but with the exception of the OSL on the back (which is already done, so I wouldn't touch it) I don't know where to put it.
    There will be a helmet on the ground, it will be then painted in red. I tried to avoid copying the original colors.

    Anyway, here is the base and the right hand (some of it):

    Name:  IMG_20190207_213212.jpg
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    Your work is incredible man. They’re all great, really sweet work on that sword!

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    Thank you, though I was not satisfied with the sword, the left highlights were not parallel.

    After fixing it, painting the helmet on the ground and putting together the mini, I noticed that I could put only half of the helmet on the step, the other half reached over . Thank you, "exclusive" base.

    Good news is that I received back my DSLR:

    Name:  DSC_0703.jpg
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    Need to craft a new base, and maybe lighten up the red helmet...

    Helmet was painted with VMC 70.947 Dark Vermillion, highlighted with 1:1 mix of Ivory:Golden Yellow
    Gore was painted with Violet, highlighted with Pink.

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    Next project is Andrea's Marshall:

    Face is VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone, VMC 70.804 Beige Red and as shading VMC 70.822 VMC German Cam Black Brown.
    Eyes need some more work:

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    Great work on the Marshall's face. The skintones/lighting look super.

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    great start on the marshall! the face is looking fantastic

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    Meh, sorry to hear that with the base -.- And all that after the great freehand work on there. Mini looks great.

    The marshall's face really looks great too. Great contrast going on there and great warm atmosphere. Looks like he's watching a sunset 8)

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    Can’t believe how much your painting is improving. But NOOOOO! Don’t get rid of your old metal minis unless you just want to sell a few painted ones. I did this a few years back and ditched many of my older and mainly metal or plastic minis. Big mistake. You think you’d never want them now but things change. It took more than ten years but now I wish I had all my minis back. I could cry with all the now O.O.P metal stuff I could have still had.

    Edit : I’m talking old skool space marines, orcs, chaos and trolls.
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