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    after years of learning to paint, I decided to start a WIP topic.

    Pictures are taken with my Op3nDott phone, so in the beginning do not expect extra high image quality.
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    I love how the minimalism of your first post builds up the tension :-p

    Welcome and looking forward to your stuff!

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    Ok, I wished to put the pictures in a separate post so if I do some errors (as I have done), it can be easily fixed.

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    Nice mini and a nice step by step...looking forward to seeing the results

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    Neat model. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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    I could finally finish all the troll, adding grass with Flockbox:

    Name:  IMG_20160517_095750.jpg
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Size:  114.4 KB Name:  IMG_20160517_095703.jpg
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    I am not 100% percent satisfied with Flockbox, noticed that the 6mm static grass was not really willing to jump up to the base, had more success with 2mm grass, has anyone experience with it?

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    First I would like to introduce my last Battle for Skull Pass model, the mighty troll.

    This will be just a qick paintjob, to finish the 100+ BoSP models.

    I started to paint it on 29 Apr:

    Name:  IMG_20160429_235108.jpg
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Size:  68.4 KB

    Painted the base:

    Name:  IMG_20160430_021924.jpg
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Size:  65.2 KB

    Put on the base colors:
    Name:  IMG_20160501_161308.jpg
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Size:  71.8 KB

    And sprayed the white-yellow zenithal highlight:

    Name:  IMG_20160501_234240.jpg
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Size:  66.1 KBName:  IMG_20160501_234247.jpg
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Size:  65.8 KB
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    One week ago I done the scars, and basecoated the bones and ropes:

    Name:  IMG_20160502_230414_1.jpg
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Size:  83.1 KB Name:  IMG_20160502_230430_1.jpg
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Size:  84.5 KB

    Painting the bones and ropes:

    Name:  IMG_20160503_230836_1.jpg
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Size:  72.3 KB Name:  IMG_20160503_230845_1.jpg
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    And doing the golden medal:

    Name:  IMG_20160504_230538_1.jpg
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    On Saturday I painted the stone part of the sculpture and basecoated the bronze parts:

    Name:  IMG_20160507_011944.jpg
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Size:  67.8 KB Name:  IMG_20160507_011952.jpg
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Size:  68.1 KB

    Yesterday I finished the NMM bronze parts, and washed it with Modelmates Verdigris.

    Name:  IMG_20160508_231252.jpg
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Size:  60.9 KB Name:  IMG_20160508_231316.jpg
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Size:  65.8 KB

    These Modelmates paints are something fantastic.
    I painted first an overall green wash, then on the deepest recesses some blue one.
    They were very dark at first, when they were wet, but became something extraordinary nice verdigris after they are dried.
    If you paint worn bronze or copper, it is a must have. And if you make some mistake, it can be easily removed with a wet brush.
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