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    Thanks gorb,

    here is the warrior with helmet, too.

    I based the helmet with VMC German Cam Black Brown, stippled VMA Burnt Umber and VMC Clear Orange.
    Then heavily drybrushed mix of VMA Steel, VMA Burnt Umber and VMC Black, then lightly pure VMA Steel.
    Finally lightly washed with Modelmates Yellow and Copper Rust.

    Blutacked together:

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    Nice Job! especially on the leather parts.

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    Nice work
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    The bust is really a masterpiece. Not sure, what I like most... metal effect on Helmet, shirt or the shield. Thumbs up!

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    i'll echo the above, really nice work on the bust. you have balanced the contrast perfectly on the fabrics. really nice textures throughout the piece.
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    That TMM technique for the bust helm looks excellent....consider that one stolen! Excellent bust all round, lovely tone to the skin and great freehand on the shield as well.

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    Thank you guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    That TMM technique for the bust helm looks excellent....consider that one stolen!
    Welcome, I stole it, too Saw it somewhere, asked, how it was done, tested it, first try is here. The only issue is the bottom edge, there could be reliefs (?), parts of the item that are raised from the surface, causing an unnatural collar there.

    But it was too bright, had to shade and wash it some more, especially with the BurntUmberarkSeaBlue:Black mix.

    The shield was shaded, too, became too black, had to repaint the colors, redraw the lines, shade and wash it again, still not 100% satisfied, but I think I am ready with the mini, only need to find some socket:

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    Great work on the bust! I didn't even notice you you wrote your recipe for the helmet (totally going to steal that like some others have said)!

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    ​I’ve been watching this one with interest and enjoyment. The colors all really pop, but they also support one another beautifully. Really great job with this piece.

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    The helmet looks top notch LL. Good representation of ageing and pitted metal.

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    really nice work. the toning and shading on shield has made it look real. cool stuff
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    Thank you guys!

    One week ago I was lucky enough to participate on a two days long workshop held by Marc Masclans.

    We painted Égilon, practiced painting with basic colors (good practice is to mix the whole Vallejo range with them , didnot do it, however).

    Left is mine, right is from Marc. TBH it did not look as good IRL as on the photo...

    Name:  IMG_20200209_101955.jpg
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    Further we learned about lightings, texturing (skin, cloth, leather, hair), NMM.

    And here is the end result, after day 2:

    Name:  DSC_0392.jpg
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    Meh, need to adjust my photo settings...

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    Mate, that looks great! Well worth the effort. I'd love to take a class like that sometime.

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    Nice work! I would love to get in some of the classes like this, but not as many are around my area

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    The cool reflected lights are really nice. I haven't tried something like that yet but it seems tricky. Well done on all the different textures!

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