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    Thanks, guys!

    Right now my cell phone pics look better color-wise than my DSLR camera pics
    eki, I am thinking about it, too, especially as there are AI enhancements on the camera pics, and an older DSLR could not follow these.

    So some more progress on Sulnar, I could not post in the last couple of days, there was always database error on this forum.

    So first of all I painted some gemstones, experimenting with Scmincke PRIMAcryl colors cadmium red light,cadmium orange and vanadium yellow deep:

    Name:  IMG_20190928_215919.jpg
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    Then the face, colors are based on the Life Miniatures Panzer Commander tutorial, though it is too bright, had to add a darker shade:
    - 1:1 mix of VMC Black:VMA 71.040 Burnt Umber
    - 1:1 mix of VMA 71.040 Burnt Umber:VMC 70.818 Red Leather
    - 1:1 mix of VMC 70.818 Red Leather:VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone
    - 1:1 mix of VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone:VMC 70.928 Light Flesh
    - Up to pure Light Flesh

    Name:  IMG_20190929_002849.jpg
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    Whoaaaaa color me bad and call me Shirley this is impressive atm

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    That's the thing though Lone, my DSLR is newer than my phone! I think it is either lighting or not getting the white balance correct.
    And I totally agree with BAM this figure is turning out to be one amazing piece! Those colors work so well together and and that blending is just soooo dang smooth!

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    Really nice and such a varied palette. Tonal work on the various surfaces is lovely too.

    Been having similar issues with the forum as well....it down more than up these days....

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    Pristine work! It looks awesome with all that colours! The gems are top notch!

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    ​Looks almost like an illustration. Keep up the bold painting!

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    Thank you guys, very much!

    Here is the almost finished body, hair is pure VMC Red Leather, highlighted with Light Flesh, shaded with VMC Black:

    Name:  DSC_0259.jpg
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    And I visited a small workshop, started painting the Fer Norman Warrior, and started painting my first bust.
    Face colors are as above, but glazed with VMC 70.908 Carmine Red and VMC 70.898 Dark Sea Blue:

    Name:  DSC_0262.jpg
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    I am in awe of that elf mage! Those colors just work so well together and the highlights and shadows look so good!
    Nice start on the Norman

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    This elve is really great! Fantastic job.
    Good start on the bust too.

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    Thanks, guys!

    Next came the cloak, first tried to paint some smaller repeating pattern, how hard can it be.
    To achieve this goal, I used 3mm Vallejo tapes, and airbrushed the frames of the pattern:

    Name:  IMG_20191018_223955.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KB Name:  IMG_20191018_232052.jpg
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    But I was not satisfied with the quality of the resulting pattern, so decided to fall back to the original color transitions:

    Name:  IMG_20191019_220713.jpg
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Size:  41.1 KB Name:  IMG_20191019_220720.jpg
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    lol, yeah, doesn't look that hard on her page! I like the pattern you have got going though.

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    I need to find out how can I practice drawing or painting those little b*st*rds..., ehm, motifs? And need time, and mojo, etc.

    Until then, I just painted the inside with 2:1 mix of 70.870 Medium Sea Gray : VMC 70.960 Violet, shaded with 1:1 mix of Black:Violet

    Working on the outside, sketched up the base colors with 1:1 mix of White:VMC 70.925 Blue, 70.966 Turquoise and 70.838 Emerald:

    Name:  IMG_20191023_212446.jpg
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    And shading the bottom blue level:

    Name:  IMG_20191027_183438.jpg
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Size:  60.2 KB Name:  IMG_20191027_183446.jpg
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    If you have a piece of plasticard you could just prime it and practice on that

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    good luck with the GD-hu painting competition.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    This pattern deosn't look so bad to me. Good luck!

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    Hi guys,

    long time no see, eventually I could not get to the Hungarian Golden Gobbo, I took care my other hobby, all the test are finished and my daughter got appendicitis, went to hospital, so I visited her and took care the other two instead of painting.

    But there is some progress on Sulnar. I shaded all the three levels:

    Name:  DSC_0264.jpg
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Size:  233.4 KB Name:  DSC_0268.jpg
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    And with middle tones I blended the levels together (so I used 5 color tones total):

    Name:  IMG_20191109_221518.jpg
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Size:  111.5 KB Name:  IMG_20191109_221533.jpg
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    Then I googled for "corner pattern" and found https://www.shutterstock.com/hu/imag...rner-103857572

    Name:  arabic-floral-pattern-element-for-design-corner.jpg
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    First draw the outline with thinned black paint, then filled the black part with VMC Japanese Uniform:

    Name:  IMG_20191110_160145.jpg
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Size:  133.0 KB Name:  IMG_20191110_223729.jpg
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    Kind of similar...

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    And the pattern on the other side, after sketching:

    Name:  IMG_20191112_233706(1).jpg
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    But it is difficult to make it symmetric, with some gimp image diff, after 3 turns of trials and fixes:

    Name:  sulnar diff.jpg
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Size:  197.2 KB Name:  sulnar diff 2.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20191121_214122.jpg
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Size:  299.3 KB Name:  sulnar diff 3.jpg
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