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    gorb, eki, 10, DaBeebs, thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    Did you think about weathering the ends of the barrels to make them look heat-soaked?
    TBH no, it would not fit in the color scheme, and none of the example images contained coloration.

    I could not paint as much the last weeks, just worked on my goblin army, reverting to the style I started ~5 years ago, presenting the Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider:

    Name:  IMG_20190320_221631.jpg
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Size:  53.7 KB Name:  IMG_20190320_222149.jpg
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    Very nice praise to this waiting with angst for updates buddy!!! Always some crunchy delicious painting going on here.

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    Wow, some awesome painting. Love the gobbo, spider, and soldier...but my favorite is the marshall as I don’t see enough love given to the American old west genre.

    And congrats on the trophy quality work.

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    cool looking little gobbo! Spider looks pretty cool

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    Thanks guys!

    I really did not try to push my limits, just making him fit to my Skull Pass goblins.

    Leaving out the usual ranting about failcast (this was much better than Sigvald, but still...):

    Name:  IMG_20190324_232157.jpg
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    That looks like a fun little arrangement. Looks good, Lem!

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    We share the passion for Gitz :-)
    You skullpass riders look very nice - In order to fit your scuttleboss more to the unit I'd recommend to dark red highlighting on the black parts of the legs.

    Visited your gallery and left some votes.
    Color schemes used for the Gitz is inspiring.
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    Graishak, thanks for all the comments and votes!

    TBH I hated to paint this spider, it was made of failcast, and the sculpt was too low quality, I just wished to get over it.

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    I remember, the scuttleboss had no building instructions
    and it wasn’t self explanatory. I built it on best guess and needed to cut one leg
    by 25% to fit him to the base.
    so failcast matches my experience, too...

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    I was working a bit more on my army, painting a TTQ+ dwarf (it came with square bases, so no duardin) organ gun.

    First some progress on the crew:

    Name:  DSC_0920.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_0923.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_0931.jpg
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    Nice work on some cool looking dwarves.

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    Here is the finished organ gun:

    Name:  DSC_0002.jpg
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Size:  196.0 KB Name:  DSC_0006.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_0010.jpg
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    A bit boring, I know, but the next one will be more interesting...

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    Looks really good. maybe a bit of weathering on it, especially the wheels carriage tow plate and gun barrels would make it stand out a little more but still great job on this. Dwarfs look very good as well.

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    Nicely done lone!!!! It looks like a pipe organ!!! Bada ba!!!!

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    Awesome work! I love the clean look you've achieved.
    The shading is very subtle, very beautiful.

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    I started working on a diorama, first one are chicken legs:

    General shade is VMC 70.822 Ger. Cam. Black Brown.

    Skin is 1:1 mix of 70.857 Golden Olive and shade, Golden Olive and 1:1 mix of VMC 70.885 Pastel Green:Golden Olive
    Flesh is VMC 70.908 Carmine Red, up to VMC 70.835 Salmon Rose
    Bone is 1:1 mix of VMC 70.884 Stone Grey and shade, Stone Grey, up to 70.918 Ivory

    Name:  DSC_0001.jpg
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Size:  140.3 KB Name:  DSC_0003.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_0012.jpg
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    Received some extension tubes from China, seems I can take better photos with them (45$ for 3 tubes, not 150$ for one). Just took more than 2 months and one resending...

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    Nicely done Lone! Can't wait to see what you do to the rest of the figures

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