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Thread: Lone Lemming's WIP

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    Some more progress from the last week.

    I switched to full Rose Brown, Beige Red, 1:1 mix of Beige Red:Basic Skintone, shaded with 1:1 Black:Violet, got much better:

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    The freehand muscle lines got too harsh and out of place, had to scrap them (#2).

    As I really did not understand how the pectoralis looks like, especially with arms stretched wide, I looked around on the net, and found the following images:

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    For now, I left it as it is, and based all the other areas, the jacket with 1:1 mix of VMC 70947 Dark Vermillion:VMC 70814 Burnt Cadmium Red, and the hair with some Leather Brown.
    TBH I fell in love with this red, it is one of the best leather jacket colors, so I will stay with this:

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    Continued with shading the jacket, base color is 1:1 mix of Dark Vermillion:Burnt Cadmium Red, shaded with 1:1 Black:Violet, highlighted with VMC 70845 Sunny Skintone.

    Hair was started with Leather Brown, shaded with Chocolate Brown, highlighted with Sunny Skintone, but I was not satisfied, it was too colorless, to black and white.

    So I switched to Dark Vermillion shade, highlighted with the same Sunny Skintone, but glazed over with VMC 70.956 Clear Orange

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    That's starting to come along nicely.
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    Read leather jacket looks perfect! Nice colour.
    And good job starting her on the hobby ^^ she looks perfectly concentrated.
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    And the almost finished upper body:

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    Gluing back the broken down ring on the right arm was PITA, as expected, but so far I am quite satisfied with the results so far.

    There are some parts I did not like on this mini, however. There were a lot of mold lines, casting errors on his fingers, in his left ear, I expected sculpted fingernails for this size,seems that the zipper teeth have different size on each side, the hair on the back side is a mess, etc.

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    I appreciate the review of the modls quirks as this was one I looked at buying a few years ago. I love the red leather jacket. Congrats on the assistant and I hope she is more patient than my four year old.

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