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Thread: Lone Lemming's WIP

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    Thanks, guys!

    I glued together the Child Thief, but will take some time to take a good photo of him, as we are in a post-moving in phase, could not progress very well with anything.

    However I tried to do some silicone casting.
    I bought this:

    Somebody was kind enough to cut me some 5x5x5 cm wood block. I added some supporting wood pieces:

    Name:  IMG_20170813_104118.jpg
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    Furthermore I borrowed some Duplo from my daughter.

    At first try I used 2x as many catalyst -> /dev/null
    Second try, I used plastic wrap as separator:

    Name:  IMG_20170813_103954.jpg
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    But did not work very well, I thought that the silicone will fill the frame, but it is too light, did not push down the wrap into the corners. The cast became unstable, there were big bubbles in it -> /dev/null #2:

    Name:  IMG_20170816_210830.jpg
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    Third try, buying one more set of silicone, as I was out of catalyst. I bought some vaseline in an apothecary, used as separator, can be washed with soap or dishwasher liquid. Result is quite ok, there were only some bubbles:

    Name:  IMG_20170816_183118.jpg
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    So I bought some kind of ceramic powder (?), and casted the new base. Even the wood grains were visible on its side!
    With a hammer I broke some parts:

    Name:  IMG_20170818_145452.jpg
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    Created some elevation from cork sheets:

    Name:  IMG_20170818_145502.jpg
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    Glued together with PVA:

    Name:  IMG_20170818_173649.jpg
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    Glued some sand and primed:

    Name:  IMG_20170825_000342.jpg
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    Nice base work. LEGOS are great until your kid finds you have been steeling them from him, then it is like the Inquisition is coming after you.

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    Looks great already!
    Feel free to come by my WIP or have a look into my Gallery
    Voted on 5377 out of 235568 minis, and also left 847 comments on Cmon Gallery.

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    KruleBear, I explicitly asked my daughter to borrow the Legos, I would not dare to use them without her permission

    I started working on my Chaos Lord.

    Concept is a Khorne Chaos Lord keeping a banner with a Bloodletter on it (I planned it for months, then I saw this, meh).
    Title is "End of conquest", Chaos Lord is looking in the distance at the seashore, lots of skulls and some broken weapons around him.

    First tried to find the colors for the cloak:

    Outside base color is 1:1 mix of VMC 70.950 Black and VMA 71.087 Dark Sea Blue
    For inside I planned some light blue or turqoise, first I mixed 1:3 VMC Lime Green Lime Green and VMC 70.961 Sky Blue. This is a beautiful verdigris color, but unfortunately too saturated for the cloak.
    So I fell back to 1:1 mix of VMC 70.961 Sky Blue and VMC 70.907 Pale Grey Blue

    Name:  IMG_20170828_215529.jpg
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    Next I tried to find the colors for the body:
    - Armor is VMC 70.908 Carmine Red, highlighted with VMC 70.845 Sunny Skintone, shaded with 1:1 mix of VMC 70.950 Black and VMA 71.087 Dark Sea Blue on the front, and with 1:1 mix of VMC 70.950 Black and VMA 71.014 Gunship Green

    Name:  IMG_20170828_231212.jpg
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    - Gold is VGC 72.056 Glorious Gold, highlighted with VMA 71.064, shaded as above
    - Bronze is VMA 71.066 Gold, highlighted and shaded as above

    Name:  IMG_20170829_235301_HHT.jpg
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Size:  84.5 KB Name:  IMG_20170829_235340_HHT.jpg
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    I was really not satisfied with the armor colors, the red became to dark, the metals too reflective.
    So I cleaned the mini and restart the painting, using NMM now.

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    I started working on the left hand + on the sword.

    The new Red is VMC Dark Vermillion 70.947, highlighted with VMC Basic Skintone 70.815 and shaded as above, with 1:1 mix of VMC 70.950 Black and VMA 71.087 Dark Sea Blue on the front, and with 1:1 mix of VMC 70.950 Black and VMA 71.014 Gunship Green
    For gold I use VMC Japan Uniform 70.923, highlighted with Schmincke Titanium White and shaded as above.

    Name:  IMG_20170903_011827.jpg
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Size:  65.6 KB Name:  IMG_20170903_011839.jpg
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    Nice work. I love the direction you are taking!

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    the fairy tuned out well, the red armour so far looks great, nice red to it

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    Thanks guys!

    So I continued painting the scabbard.

    For leather I choose the base color VMC Chocolate Brown 70.872, stippled some 1:1 mix of Chocolate Brown and VMC Red Leather, 70.818, then stippled some Red Leather, VMC Dark Sand 70.947 and finally some 1:1 mix of Dark Sand and VMC Light Flesh 70.928 to the edge.
    And to make it more interesting, added a Khorne logo, too:

    Name:  IMG_20170903_021720_HHT.jpg
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Size:  156.5 KB Name:  IMG_20170903_021740_HHT.jpg
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    However the logo did not look very well, so I added some recess to the middle:

    Name:  IMG_20170906_000911.jpg
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    Next is the cloak.

    Repainted and drew some chaos circle parts.

    Name:  IMG_20170911_000944.jpg
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Size:  120.6 KB Name:  IMG_20170911_000954.jpg
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    And repainted the right shoulder with Dark Vermillion et al., and painted the left shoulder.

    To the orange I used the "standard" shade 1:1 Black:GunshipGreen, then VMC 70818 Red Leather, VMC 70956 Clear Orange and finally VMC 70835 Salmon Rose:

    Name:  IMG_20170911_231241.jpg
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Size:  133.4 KB Name:  IMG_20170912_235728_HDR.jpg
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    Next comes the cloak.

    I tried to paint some threaded pattern on it, should not be so hard, Gareth Nicholas did a nice version of it, too.


    Name:  IMG_20170914_235227.jpg
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    I could not see how can I proceed further.

    One of the problems was, in hindsight, that I tried to use my new brushes, Kolibri Series 98. As W&N is not sold anymore in our country, this was the proposed replacement.
    It is slightly better than a Vallejo brush, and slightly cheaper, but it is nowhere near to W&N. The tip is about twice as big, bristles were thicker, too, I was not satisfied at all.
    So I fell back to pointilism, never done that, tried anyway:

    Name:  IMG_20170914_235230.jpg
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    Looks much better, so I stayed with it.

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    the cloak is looking good, I like the touch of the chaos simple. works well

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    Both techniques are ok, but you are definately achieving smoother transitions with the pointillism. BTW, I love the Khorne symbol on the sword sheath.

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    Thanks guys!

    I would call the first try as "disaster", not less smooth Thx, anyway.

    I can also show the diff between the Kolibri (left half) and Winsor&Newton (right half) brushes. Image is ~18mm wide:

    Name:  IMG_20170917_224819_HHT.jpg
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    After same experimenting I think I found out how to do this stippling thing more or less correctly, top right is done with W&N:

    Name:  IMG_20170917_224721.jpg
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    Your making good progress with the stippling. Keep glazing it back then re-applying over and over to build up the contrast.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks, 10ball!

    TBH I tried the glazing thing on the bottom right side, but it did not look convincing enough to me. I was going for a velvet-like texture, with a lot of very small random dots.

    I forgot to describe the colors, however, I used 4:1 VMA Dark Sea Blue:VMC Black, highlighted with VMA Dark Sea Blue, 3:1 VMA Dark Sea Blue:VMC 70.844 Deep Sky Blue, 1:1 VMA Dark Sea Blue:VMC Deep Sky Blue, finally some extreme highlight dots of VMC Deep Sky Blue.

    Some more progress, upper half is ready:

    Name:  IMG_20170917_234149.jpg
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    And bottom half ready + I started working on the gold arrows:

    Name:  IMG_20170921_191050.jpg
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    Is there an admin available here?

    I tried to post a larger reply, I could preview it, but it wrote back that *** Forbidden. Contains contacts *** when I tried to post it.


    How can I publish an article?

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    go to the articles tab, click on it and on the new page, look at the rightmost part.. you'll find a "create" option, select "article" then click on the go button.
    Alternatively, if you are not on the Articles navigation tab, rollover it and select create article from the menu.
    Feel free to come by my WIP or have a look into my Gallery
    Voted on 5377 out of 235568 minis, and also left 847 comments on Cmon Gallery.

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