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Thread: Lone Lemming's WIP

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    Thanks, I found it, but it is now in "Not published" state.

    Article is about how to make from this something like this:

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    Some more images of the back side of the cloak. Seems that black area got a bit big, I need to revisit it.
    Problem is that there are more deep recesses on the right side, so the should be blacker, I need to find a good balance.

    Name:  IMG_20170921_231209.jpg
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Size:  177.6 KB Name:  IMG_20170923_235059.jpg
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Size:  129.7 KB Name:  IMG_20170924_023138.jpg
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    I posted a new article, I would be glad if if anybody could try it and report his/her experiences.

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    Seems that I can not make quick progress nowadays, had to spend a lot of time to perfect this pointillist method, we are moving, etc.

    Etc. means e.g. if your daughter hits her arm, and you can see a bump on it, take here to a doctor, as it is possible that she broke her arm (one of the bones in her lower arm), even if it does not always hurt, and you will spend a half weekend in E.R.

    But meanwhile I could finish the cloak.
    For the inside as base color I used 1:1 mix of VMC 70.844 Deep Sky Blue : VMC 70.907 Pale Grey Blue, for highlight VMC Pale Grey Blue, for shading 4:4:1 mix of base : VAC Dark Sea Blue : VMC Black.
    Gold is as usual.

    Name:  IMG_20170926_225900.jpg
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Size:  116.5 KB Name:  IMG_20171001_224026.jpg
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    Seems that it will look fine when assembled, I wished to create a neutral but light background for the mini:

    Name:  IMG_20170930_215958_HHT.jpg
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    And decreased the black area on the back, there was too much difference between the sides:

    Name:  IMG_20171001_011806.jpg
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    The cloak looks awesome now! I like it much more now with it darker than when it was lighter.
    Nice work!

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    Thanks, Tee!

    But please do not forget that I used to take photos with my phone, around midnight, so the light settings can vary.

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    nice one I like it. the hard work has paid off.

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    The cloak looks awesome Lem, glad you stuck with that technique. Especially around where the cloak folds over the sword.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this guy painted uo
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    Some more work on the armor.

    Sketching the red colors:

    Name:  IMG_20171004_232115_HHT.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB Name:  IMG_20171004_232130_HHT.jpg
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    Painting the legs and the breastplate:

    Name:  IMG_20171007_220049.jpg
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Size:  94.4 KB Name:  IMG_20171007_220058.jpg
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    Painting the right hand, too:

    Name:  IMG_20171007_225431.jpg
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    And the leather parts:

    Name:  IMG_20171008_221048_HHT.jpg
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    The cloak looks great and you are off to a good start on the red.

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    coming on nicely , the gold especially has nice shine to it.

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