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Thread: Lone Lemming's WIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    Guys, thanks, all of you!


    I would add to Arkaan that I am using 1:1 mix of yellow:shade for the shades and 3:1 yellow:white mix for the flat highlight, and pure white only for some dots.
    I had to experiment a little to find out how will it look like a true metal, but as I said, it was a pleasant surprise to me, too.

    So continuing with the head.

    Horn is VMC Chocolate Brown, but I had to paint some recesses by hand to make it look good and even. Shade is as usual

    Skin is VMC Red Leather, VMC Basic Skintone. I noticed that mixing TitaniumWhite to RedLeather made it chalky, I had to add an intermediate color for good result. Shade is as usual

    I had some problem with the eyes, too, they are too small to see any pattern I can paint on them. I feel that does not matter what I paint, the horns simply distract the viewer.

    Attachment 61607 Attachment 61608
    Thanks for that, will have to give it a go.

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    Continuing with the base (see message #262):

    I painted it with some earth tones (VMC ChocolateBrown, VMC German Cam. Black Brown, VMC Dark Sand, GW Nuln Oil, GW Agrax Earthshade, GW Typhus Corrosion), then added some marjoram/black tea mix to the top:

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    I was thinking to add tarragon and oregano, too, but did not find any at home.

    Going back to the standard, I bought some bloodletter flag, Citadel skulls (I do not know why did not release it sooner, I bought some skull pack, but anyway..), copper and plastic rod, and voilà, my first building project (kitbash?):

    Name:  IMG_20171112_230156.jpg
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    And da masterplan:

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    Had to join this thread, as your chaos lord is looking awesome so far... but more so I’m quite excited to see how you go with that freehand on the banner !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post

    I was thinking to add tarragon and oregano, too, but did not find any at home.
    I love the raiding of the kitchen cabinet. I have all kinds of spent crushed tea leaves I have yet to use. I am thinking I need to tint them different colors before use. As is it looks like the layer of leave decay below the surface that I am used to seeing in hard woods.

    I like the direction you are going with the standard. Will keep an eye on it as it comes together.

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