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    Thanks, guys!

    Right now my cell phone pics look better color-wise than my DSLR camera pics
    eki, I am thinking about it, too, especially as there are AI enhancements on the camera pics, and an older DSLR could not follow these.

    So some more progress on Sulnar, I could not post in the last couple of days, there was always database error on this forum.

    So first of all I painted some gemstones, experimenting with Scmincke PRIMAcryl colors cadmium red light,cadmium orange and vanadium yellow deep:

    Name:  IMG_20190928_215919.jpg
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    Then the face, colors are based on the Life Miniatures Panzer Commander tutorial, though it is too bright, had to add a darker shade:
    - 1:1 mix of VMC Black:VMA 71.040 Burnt Umber
    - 1:1 mix of VMA 71.040 Burnt Umber:VMC 70.818 Red Leather
    - 1:1 mix of VMC 70.818 Red Leather:VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone
    - 1:1 mix of VMC 70.815 Basic Skintone:VMC 70.928 Light Flesh
    - Up to pure Light Flesh

    Name:  IMG_20190929_002849.jpg
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    Whoaaaaa color me bad and call me Shirley this is impressive atm

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    That's the thing though Lone, my DSLR is newer than my phone! I think it is either lighting or not getting the white balance correct.
    And I totally agree with BAM this figure is turning out to be one amazing piece! Those colors work so well together and and that blending is just soooo dang smooth!

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    Really nice and such a varied palette. Tonal work on the various surfaces is lovely too.

    Been having similar issues with the forum as well....it down more than up these days....

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    Really nice work on this elf.

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    Pristine work! It looks awesome with all that colours! The gems are top notch!

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    ​Looks almost like an illustration. Keep up the bold painting!

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