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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    Thanks, gorb!

    And here is a sneak peek of the assembled Lazarus:

    Attachment 80456

    Yep that's pretty awesome.

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    Great work here, and very nice start on Luxumbra Acherontia !

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    PS: thanks for the votes!
    You're welcome

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    Thanks, guys!

    It is a limited Luxumbra mini, I bought it second hand, paint stripped and there was a small (but after priming and basing, was quite notable) scratch under her left eye . So restripped, couple of layers of milliput milk, some sanding and painted it as you can see her.

    Then with these colors I missed the saturation, so applied some VioletRed:VMA 71.083 Orange mix to the sides, some VMA 71.078 Gold Yellow and finally some VMC Light Flesh to the top.
    Lips are Liquitex Heavybody Naphtol Red Light and Naphtol Crimson, Seems to me that KK Red is somewhere between these two shades.

    I am still not 100% satisfied with the eyes, but here is the current state:

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    That looks gorgeous Lem, you certainly know how to make some creamy smooth transitions. That skin is ++++

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    Painted the hair, used 1:1:1 mix of VMC Chocolate Brown : VMC Violet Red : VMC Black, highlighted slightly with VMC Sunny Skintone, and airbrushed some VMA Orange to the top edge of the hair. It is not very prominent, but I did not dare to highlight it more.

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    I used 1:1 mix of VioletRed:Black, highlighted up to SunnySkintone, and drawn a lot of thin lines. Added some VMC Blue and Naphtol crimson stripes, too, for making the cloth more interesting:

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    Put together the body, there are some small issues, but almost ready, bluetacked the head to see the full bust.

    I used 1:1 mix of VMC Blue:Black, highlighted with Sunny Skintone for the marbled plastic parts, pure Sunny Skintone for the letters.
    Had some PK-Pro fluo pigment, mixed it with white and appropriate colors and applied it to emulate glowing panels.
    Metals are about 1:2 mix of VMA Steel:Black, Highlighted up to 1:4 VMA Chrome:White.
    For white stripe I tried to airbrush Schmicke Aero Color opaque white ink, it is an incredibly good paint, first white which easily covered the colors underneath!

    Sad thing is, the earpiece disappeared from my desk, I have no idea what happened, will ask around whether anyone has a spare part or can copy it for me, or will try to learn Blender, design a new one and make it reprinted :/

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    Superb! Sorry about the earpiece, but then again, I'm sure you'll be able to scratchbash something cool for it.
    The glowy panels look awesome.

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    Thanks, gorb!

    I choose to remodel it with Blender, spent 2 evenings to learn it, and created the following:

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    All I need to find someone with a 3D printer...

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    Most excellent work! Blender is a tough nut to crack, I can do basic stuff in it but that's it.
    Do you have access to a hackerspace somewhere? They might be able to print it for you, maybe even for free if it is a one-off like this.

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    Nice work on the figure and bleender thingi looks really nice.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks, guys!

    In a facebook group someone volunteered to print me this earpiece, it was a failure, of course, needs some tweaking, e.g. making it thinner, and ~20% size decrease:

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    Stunning work, I like the texture of the cloth, and battle damages on the armor and glowing effects are very well done. Your custom earpiece looks better than the original one in my opinion, even if it needs to be a bit resized.

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