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    I bought a teknes kickstarter bundle second hand, assembled a small force and started playing. Now I am expanding and am putting together the rest of the box but have run into some weird models. The box came with two union bosses, but a third model was also supplied that looks like an alternate of the normal one but has a whip instead of a sword and no room for the andarii on the back (and no andari either). This struck me as weird because the two union bosses with riders already were two different sculpts (two different whips) so are there actually three union boss sculpts? I have a similar question for the lineman leader who looks like he has an alternate sculpt, except that this one has a hammer with a raw stone head. Is he just a lineman leader or something else? Thanks for any help

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    All the leader's got alt sculpts, except for the third infantry type (those not in starters).

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