Unfortunately have to get rid of my rivets
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Thread: Unfortunately have to get rid of my rivets

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    Default Unfortunately have to get rid of my rivets

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen financial issues I have to sell off some of my games
    ill happily break things down into any package anyone would like so if you are interested in anything let me know

    18 Infantry
    6 rocket bikes
    5 pounders
    3 ostriches
    1 double play
    Gen Patston (plug and power suit)
    Lt Brasseldun
    The Veteran (plug and infantry)
    2 Wolverines
    shady Durgle
    Lt MacLeod (plug and infantry)
    Terror Nova (both sculpts)
    Uncle Rivet (both sculpts)
    Cpt Parman
    2 Hacksaw turret
    pheumatic revolver

    Edit- Apparently I miss-copied my list and the Blight got erased somehow
    Dont really want to retype it all either
    I have everything for the Blight that matches the Allied units including the R100 hero

    Man in Charge (plug and infantry)
    Baby Doll (plug and infantry)
    Dr Vorn
    Rosie Riveter(plug and infantry)

    i also also have a set of plastic terrain , 4 faction dice for each side, as well as 2 tile sets
    Along with all of the other game bits of course
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    Do you have the Alt Infantry introduced in the Second Wave Set?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Sorry, no alternate infantry
    I got the Second Wave heroes a while back individually off of eBay (for a massive $1 each- great score)

    I was actually just getting on to say that I managed to get the money I needed from selling off my Arcadia Quest stuff (those guys will buy anything that doesn't have the usual collector mark-up)
    There's barely been any interest but I thought I should get on and say I don't need to get rid of anything anymore

    Unless you want to pay collectors prices of course

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    How much for the Kickstarter exclusives ?

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