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    MOst of it is now clear but i still have some Questions about Cast aside.

    Inspire: When this model performs the Cast Aside action, 1 enemy it engages suffers a [1] melee attack.

    Merc is engaged with two enemys. The Merc casts one of them aside. Cause he is still engaged he can t leave the cc. Can he now allocate the melee attack to the enemy with whom he is still engaged? It reads to me like that.

    And does this melee attack trigger effect because it is defined as a melee attack?

    Thanks for the help

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    another question appeared.
    Where is the difference between "once during your turn when this model becomes engaged" and "when this model engages"?

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    He can't, as was already engaged with the second enemy and didn't engage it with the 2" move.

    I don't understand the second question.

    The first can trigger when a cast aside enemy is placed in contact; the second can't, it can only trigger when the model does the engaging (movement).
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    does the cast aside die roll happen before you move the model or after? i always thought it was deal damage and move the model if it survived

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    Place an enemy in contact within 3", move 2" (if you can), one enemy you engage with that move suffers a d10 melee attack.
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