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    Default Changing Username.

    Sorry if this post allready exist.

    i created my account 4 weeks ago. and i recognized 2 weeks ago that i pelled my username wrong ...

    so how can i change my name from LorsMarshalLeonitus to LordMarshalLeonitus... jeah i typed a "s" instead of an "d"

    thanks for help !

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    I don't think it's possible anymore. There use to be a link on the old user account preferences, way back, but as it is tied to the forum I haven't seen a way.

    Can't do it for you unfortunately as it's not part of the moderator tools.

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    Yes I would also like to be able to change the user namn.
    I had to make a new account just for that and that..
    can you make it possible again ? (even if it costs credits its better then make a new account just for a spelling mistake.

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