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Thread: RIVET WARS COSPLAY- Ideas/Help

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    Cool RIVET WARS COSPLAY- Ideas/Help

    Hello All. My GF and I are preparing for Templecon and I want a Rivet Wars day. Now, I shall either be doing a rifleman cosplay (Generic WW1 soldier) or I shall be doing a McClead Cosplay (Kilt, Pith helmet, and Thompson).

    However, My GF will be doing Rosie the Riveter. The issue we're having with hers is finding a good Rivet Gun prop. We've settled with maybe a cocking gun could work and maybe make it look more like a tube, but I am LOVING the look of the antic rivet guns. If I could get my hands on one it would be a Steampunk's dream! But I can't find Rivet Guns (Antics, props, etc) ANYWHERE! didn't know if you guys had any ideas of Rivet Gun Esc items (Cocking Guns, Super Soakers, etc etc) that we might look into in time for Templecon.


    Alright, updates! My replica Lee Enfield Rifle is in, got it for a great deal. It's a little rough but looks great as long as I don't fiddle with it. It'll be fine for pictures. That means I'll be going Rifleman for my Cosplay. I'll be ordering my webbing late next week and I'm looking at Lee Enfield Straps and Puttees to look more WW1 and I got pants and shirts that look a little like the Rivet Wars Riflemen I'll have to die Olive. Last on the list is the brodie helmet. If I Don't have the cash, I have a white one that says 2nd Lieutenant on it that'll have to do but I want a green one to be more Rivet Wars-sy.

    Rosie the Riveter isn't coming along however She has been looking for good Overalls and a face shield to look the part. I found what we are looking for under the name of a "Pneumatic Chipping Hammer" (Old Rivet Gun). They look great to me but she wants them to look longer like Rosie's. That's our problem now. We're considering making one from a cocking gun.

    Pictures when they are available.

    If anyone is going to Templecon I am looking for anyone interested in cosplaying further. More Riflemen or other Rivet characters are welcome. I have two friends who are unsure. It'll be fun to see.

    I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on either cosplay as well. Templecon is my big thing this year and I want to look fantastic!

    EDIT 2:

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    Dude been ages since I was on here can't wait for these pics, don't know if this already happened but hopefully it went well, and for my two pence you'd probably have to scratch build the gun to be appropriately 'rivet worldy'
    Good luck

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    And here it is. I recently wore it to Machen bachen. I am SO UPSET!!!

    There was NO COOLMINI at Templecon! I was heartbroken. That, combined with the fact there was no pictures of me at Templecon either. so.... it even out? Anyways, a lot of the wargamers got a kick out of it anyway. I'll be steampunking it out more in the future as well as maybe wearing it to Demos. The Puttees, SUCK! I got to find a better way of doing them. Otherwise, there it is.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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